There is a test drive event! Coaching available! Snow event “GALAC FESTA 2024” will be held

Information about snow events.
"GALAC FESTA" is sponsored by GALAC, a professional shop in Saitama City. The main event of this festival, which will be held over two days, will be a test drive session for next season's (2-2024) new model snowboards and a try-on session for new model wear.

And, you can receive coaching from current professional snowboarders and former International Snowboard Federation certified coaches who have trained domestic professional champions!

There are many test drive events and lesson events, but there are not many events where you can experience both. If you want to choose the best gear or want accurate advice to improve your skills, please join us.

Galaku also holds events for families, and Galaku Festa is also planning content for parents and children to participate. It's popular with families every year, so if you'd like to bring your family along, be sure to check it out!

For reception, visit the store directly or call.
People who are used to the Internet may find this a bit confusing, but this is also Galaku's policy.

Snowboarding in nature is fraught with danger. We believe that one of our roles as a pro shop is to increase mutual trust through direct dialogue, firmly communicate what could be dangerous and what we should be careful about, and prevent accidents as much as possible. The owner has continued to have this since the store first opened.

In order to enjoy snowboarding safely and for a long time, you need to fully understand the dangers. A pro shop not only sells products, but also teaches you things like that.

Even people who feel like going to a shop can be a bit intimidating may find it easier to participate in events like this.
Take this opportunity to meet the people at the shop and expand your circle of snowboarding friends!

◆Date and time: Saturday, March 2024, 3 and Sunday, March 2, 3
*One-day participants, participants from the evening of the first day, and solo travelers are also welcome.
◆Venue: Joetsu International Ski Resort, Niigata

Tel: 048-866-0044

A long-established snowboard shop with a 38-year history that has produced world ranking holders and many Japanese professional champions. A super pro shop that has supported local snowboarding culture with its commitment to face-to-face sales and uncompromising service. It is difficult to deal with so many customers, but this is a shop that thoroughly communicates the essence of snowboarding while interacting with each customer individually.