Stylish and affordable, Fullon's recommended model with photochromic lenses that can be used as if you were changing your clothes.

``Fullon'' eyewear is popular among snowboarders and is introduced in the FREERUN catalog issue.
It's stylish, yet at a very reasonable price, and it's perfect for casual use, just like changing clothes!
Moreover, we have a wide variety of products to choose from, and they match any occasion.
Did you know that the currently popular "Fullon" has a polarized and photochromic lens model with a dimming function?
This function is installed in the FGL003 series, which is part of Fullon's GREEN LABEL lineup, and the FGL 004 series, which is newly added to the lineup.
What is the dimming function of Fullon GREEN LABEL?
In addition to the highly acclaimed polarizing function, the color of the lens changes depending on the amount of ultraviolet rays that hit the lens.
When you are indoors, the lens color is bright and easy to see, but when you go outdoors, the lens color becomes tinted and controls the bright light.
This single pair of sunglasses can be used both indoors and outdoors.The mechanism is that the silver halide contained in the lens is separated into silver and halogen by ultraviolet rays, and the silver and halogen are bonded together, so the silver blocks light and adjusts the darkness of the lens color.
Reasonable price for easy use
The unique charm of Fullon is that even though it is equipped with this function, it is extremely reasonably priced at ¥003 for the FGL 5,940 series and ¥004 for the new FGL 6,930 series.
Get your favorite color and go on a snowboarding trip.It is sure to be useful as a fashion item for skating, surfing, and street activities!is.

FGL 004 SERIES: A model equipped with polarized and photochromic lenses in FULLON's popular series.The Fullon logo is accented on the side of the rubber-finished matte black frame.It is also attractive because it is comfortable to wear.

FGL 003 SERIES: Small Wellington type.The spring hinges prevent your ears from hurting even if you wear them for long periods of time.Rubber finish finish with matte rubber coating.

Outdoors, the color of the lens is generally5Minutes ~10It changes from the original brown to a slightly darker brown in about a minute.When you go indoors with less UV rays, this is also the case.5Minutes ~10In about a minute, the slightly darker brown will change to the original brown.

Fullon's visuals will also be featured in the November issue of FREERUN, released today, October 10th.


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