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photo: Takahiro Nakanishi
Before XNUMX am, I was aiming for a riding shot in the morning sun, but Senjojiki Cirque was wrapped in thick clouds ...

In the usual year, I climb a mountain somewhere from May to June and slip, and the season ends.


Everyone should refrain from going out this spring season!I think there were many people who somehow ended the season because of the flow.


Since the beginning of this month

Ah, last year I climbed Mt. Tate twice in June and skated, right?I feel sad




Let's make one movie related to backcountry snowboarding.I thought


I remember that I had previously requested to introduce the tools used in the mountains in the comment section of the YouTube video.

I made such a movie!If you don't mind, please check it out ~ \ (^ o ^) c