A snow surf park created with 3D artificial terrain. "FROZEN WAVE PARK MARUNUMA" OPENING SESSION 2022 Report!

Last weekend, OPENING SESSION 1 of "FROZEN WAVE PARK MARUNUMA" was held at Marunuma Kogen Ski Resort in Gunma Prefecture on Saturday, January 15th.Blessed with abundant snow this season, this event was held a week earlier than usual.On the day of the event, many slippers gathered with GENEMSTICK riders, Marunuma Local, Gunma Local, professional surfers, and general participants, and a dream session was held.

Due to the heavy snow that continued until last night, the slopes of Marunuma are in the best condition. Until the course opens around 10 o'clock, Marunuma's proud "slope terrain" and dopowder slide firmly, and the participating users naturally smile.

Marunuma on this day in the best condition

With the start of the event, a demo run of gorgeous riders began, and the audience cheered while watching their sliding lines.And as soon as the course is open to the public, participants will enjoy surfing on the best banks on free lines.

Audience watching the rider slip
Many participants gathered on the day
Rei Igarashi who became the first ride
Katashina local Keisuke Katayanagi
Hayato Maruyama unleashes a tweak
Shingo Takahashi fascinates with surf rides
Shingo Kono sends out air
Participants slide around the course open to the public

This FROZEN WAVE PARK MARUNUM is celebrating its third season this season. Produced by Taro Tamai of GENTEMSTICK, it is a terrain park where banks made of snow spread like waves.It is also a feature that anyone who can freely slide the beginner-intermediate course can enjoy it according to their own level.There are innumerable sliding lines on the well-thought-out terrain, and it is interesting to be free to draw which line to stir up the imagination of the slipper.

Upper part of the park
Second half of the park

Hayato Maruyama, also a GENEMSTICK rider who has produced 3D terrain events such as THE WAL and HAPPO BANKS and the park in the past, is actually involved in the construction work of the park.It goes without saying that the park created by him, who has been the driving force behind the bank movement, has the finest 3D terrain.

Every season, Hayato Maruyama plays a central role in creating the park.
Maruyama applies to the lip of the bank he worked on
Hayato Maruyama x Shinji Sato

This park is evolving while making small improvements every year.In this term, we focused on the feeling of slipping more, fine-tuned the shape of the bottom, and made the height of the lip more constant than before, so it seems that the degree of freedom of the slipper was more important.A number of artificial 3D banks that can be said to be works of art, with the fun of sliding first. FROZEN WAVE PARK MARUNUMA is a park where you can really help improve your skiing and enjoy the comfort and pleasure of free riding while imagining the skiing lines.

Also, let's add that the snow park is also open.Marunuma Snow Park is divided into areas according to genre and level, so beginners to experts can enjoy it.This season is also produced by Toru Ishiyama, who is familiar with FREE RUN, so the layout is definitely correct, and there are many types of kickers and unique jib items installed.There is a lift dedicated to the park, so you can practice while turning it many times, and it's nice to be able to check the riding of advanced players.

Click here for Marunuma Snow Park.Excerpt from Instagram (@marunuma_diggers)

These parks will be permanent until the second half of the season, so I hope you will enjoy surfing and freestyle snowboarding together in Marunuma this season as well.

Kazushige Fujita and Aya Sato slide down Marunuma, where natural and artificial terrain are in perfect harmony.
This is a video of two people skiing on the Marunuma slope last season.Of course, "FROZEN WAVE PARK MARUNUMA" is also slipping, so be sure to check it out!

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