FREERUN Gear Catalog No. 16/17 7/13 (Wednesday) on sale!


The coming Wednesday, July 7th, the Gear Catalog issue will be a great help in choosing snowboard items this winter.
The catalog issue was released on July 7th every year, but this year it will be released on the 6th due to its oversized volume!

This year's catalog issue is one of the largest ever!
The number of brands is overwhelming 141 brands, and the number of items posted is 3995.
If you read this, it is finished as one of the oversized volume that you can understand all the trends of this season.

The catalog issue you care about, first open the page and start with the gravure "free gliding" of the vivid riding scene. The catalog issue gravure page of BIG volume is all 18 pages.13 cool ridings from all over the world are lined up.

After the free run, THE UNTOLD STORY has collected 22 brands of hot items this season.Here, we will approach the unknown story of the product.Pay attention to the stories that can only be known here, such as the technology contained in that product and the feelings of RIDER.

"WHAT'S? BEST BUY SNOWBOARD GEAR / What should we choose as snowboarders?" In the special feature at the beginning of the book, we thoroughly interviewed the staff of the snowboard shop.Research the staff of 48 shops nationwide about what you are interested in this season!There is definitely an item here.
In total coordination by category, we introduce recommended coordination from boards to accessories.Quickly catch information on trending colors and items.



The shop staff will tell you such things that you do not know unexpectedly in the mono column.
There is no doubt that it will be a saying for choosing gear.

TOPICS introduces items in 4 TOPICS, including classic duck patterns, white-collar workers that are attracting attention this season, original collections of slightly unusual items, and popular bestsellers.

At RIDER'S GEAR, check out the items actually used from the lifestyle cuts of the riders.
There is a lineup of kids' gear selection by category, from how to choose to the items of interest.
If you read this, you can rest assured that your first kids' gear selection will be safe.

Action camera PICK UP introduces the latest action cameras Go Pro and STYLUS TG-Tracker.Explore the “now” of action cameras equipped with the latest technology!

The long-awaited brand catalog has a lineup of 141 brands.
Let's decide the items for this season here!
Of course, there is also a WOMEN'S brand catalog this year.Girls riders are also safe.

The item you want has been decided!But I don't know where to buy the gear ...You should check SHOP GUIDE, which covers 92 stores nationwide.
It's best to buy things at a reliable store!

Purchase the oversized gear catalog at bookstores nationwide, snowboard shops, etc.
Or from this site!

In addition, it is possible to jump to the brand page of each manufacturer installed in this SBN FREE RUN from the QR code on each brand page published in the catalog issue.
In the future, SBN FREERUN will publish user catalogs of each brand one after another, and will be renewed so that you can select gears on this site !! Please look forward to it.