FREERUN 2014/1 issue



FREERUN 2014/1 issue

2013 year 12month 27 Date released

List price: 980 yen (tax included)


Snowboarding is cool.

If you read this month's issue, you should be able to realize it again.

And the season starts in earnest!

Pick up the item you want to buy at this timing.

It is a fulfilling content.


★ “TIMELESS” -Riders, tricks, and scenes that are loved over time-

Why we can't get away from snowboarding.It's the scenes, people, tricks, all images and videos, comments, interviews, etc. that I started collecting to explore.We will deliver to you something that is timeless and still attracts people, something that transcends the expressions old and new.



★ STUSSY × HOLDEN -Trip To North Island-

The two riders who built an era in the snowboarding world have returned to the frigid Hokkaido.The purpose is a collaboration Japan trip between STUSSY and HOLDEN.What was this trip like to enjoy the deep powder of the north?Look back with Mikey's words.

P084-091_STUSSY × HOLDEN_OL.indd


★ interview with Kyota Miyake

Kyota Miyake, one of the HACHI crews whose home is Hakuba Happoone Ski Resort.Quiet and straightforward.He is a rare person whose personality is reflected in his life as a snowboarder and his riding style. He talked about his strong feelings for shooting and the pinnacle of the slip he was aiming for.


★ f-stop Mountain Shootout @Hakuba -Six Snowboard Photographers Shooting for XNUMX days only-

The f-stop Mountain Shootout was held in Hakuba from February 2013rd to 2th, 23. It's a four-day shooter, where the photos taken on the last night are presented in a slideshow format.Introducing photos of veteran photographers who have a lot of experience.



★ BEST BUY -Accessories & Action Camera-

Only one small item can change your riding.Plenty of such unique items to functional items.In addition, we will also introduce a wearable camera that has become a must-have item in recent years!It will surely liven up your snowboarding lifestyle.

Acce & Camera_Tobira.indd







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