FREERUN 2013/12 issue


FREERUN 2013/12 issue

2013 year 11month 27 Date released

List price: 980 yen (tax included)



This month's issue features POWDER, which everyone loves!

Points that you can easily play on the slopes

There are plenty of tours that you can enjoy with basic equipment!

The special appendix DVD contains NITRO and L1 MOVIE.

Anyway, it ’s dangerous!


★ DOWN TO EARTH -Record of one season when you went on a trip with like-minded friends-

An adventure movie "DOWN TO EARTH" created by four NITRO riders over the course of a year.This is a project unique to NITRO that expresses what the riders want and feel as they are.It reminds me that snowboarding while having fun with friends is the most fun.



★ After all powder is interesting !!!! -Slope powder-deep powder that goes with a guide, topics to check etc ...-

The charm of powder snow cannot be fully explained in one word.Therefore, FREE RUN is recommended for you by dividing it into 3 chapters!We will deliver a lot of slope powder that everyone can enjoy, guided tours that you can get deeper if you have basic equipment, items and information necessary to enjoy powder more.



★ VOLCOM STONES PEANUT BUTTER AND RAIL JAM CHAMPIONSHIPS -Each determination felt on the world's highest stage-

"VOLCOM STONES PEANUT BUTTER AND RAIL JAM CHAMPIONSHIPS" where various qualifying rounds are held all over the world and the top amateurs who have won gather and compete.This time, five Japanese people, the largest number in history, participated.What are the feelings that top Japanese amateurs have challenged the world?




Yusaku Horii and Hiromi Takahashi headed for the Austrian trip last spring as a team meeting for DEELUXE.From Innsbruck, take a team rider's camper van and wander from the mountain range to the 2m class mountain.What did you think and feel when you met for the first time?Yusaku Horii told me.



★ Evolving Snow Resort -BEST SNOW RESORT SELECTION 13-14 –

The choice of ski resort depends on what you focus on, such as high-quality powder, playful natural terrain, and items such as kickers and jib.Therefore, we will introduce the ever-evolving slopes from ski resorts nationwide, focusing on powder, natural terrain, parks, etc.!There is no doubt that you will want to go this season!








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