FREERUN December issue, released on 12/11 (Mon.)!The special feature is "NEW AGE New age riders creating the future scene"

There are some slopes that opened this weekend too.The winter-type atmospheric pressure pattern is intensifying, and there is a forecast of snowfall in Honshu at the beginning of the week.The snow season has started smoothly, and some people may have finished their first skis. December is here and the season is finally in full swing.This month's exciting feature is "Riders of the New Generation".In Japan, there are many riders who are active in the world.Focusing on the fact that there are so many young riders with such passion in the Japanese snowboard scene, we will explore the future they have in mind.

New era riders creating the future scene

Now, the rise of young riders in their teens and early twenties is remarkable.Tricks continue to evolve in contests, and impactful photos and videos spread all over the world in an instant.Young riders who will lead the snowboard scene in the future will be featured under the title of "New generation riders who will create the future scene".We approach the thoughts of 10 Japanese riders who are attracting attention both in Japan and overseas.

Rei Igarashi, Ai Ito, Sota Umehara, Sora Okajima, Shoku Okajima, Hiroto Ogiwara, Yuku Kakimoto, Himawari Takamori, Yuki Takeuchi, Tenma Tamai, Sohi Nagasawa, Teikatsu Hasegawa, Tanjin Hamaguchi, Kai Hirano Congratulations, Kokoro Murase, Yusuke Murase, Yuto Yamada, Asahi Yoshino, Yuta Watanabe, Rikuto Watabe


When you skate in a different land with different members than usual, you can enjoy the scenery you have never seen and the feeling you have never felt before.Various chemical reactions that occur depending on the place and face.It becomes a new stimulus and draws us deeper into the charm of snowboarding.I would like you to get a feeling from the sessions of the riders introduced here.

Hakuba follows the memory of the long line of that day

Masashi Nishina, Masateru Kitae, Kohei Kudo, Kazuhiro Kokubo, Yuta Kiyohara, Yuri Okubo, and other members carved a whole line at a certain place in Hakuba.Masateru Kitae spells out the tension of the scene along with the scene that was captured there.


Shin Miyajima and Ikumi Imai, who have traveled together in the snowy mountains of New Zealand and various parts of Japan, traveled to the mountain resorts of Davos and Verbier in Europe and Switzerland last season. What were the characteristics of the slopes, scenery, and culture of Switzerland that the two of you experienced, and what kind of stimulus did you receive on this trip?A story of a local session with two people who transcend generations.

Trip around Hokkaido powder belt Vol.2

A powder belt that stretches about 200 kilometers from north to south in the center of Hokkaido. From 2,000-meter high mountains to 1,000-meter high mountains, snow resorts, local ski resorts, and the town of Asahikawa, Hokkaido's second largest city, the area offers an environment where you can fully enjoy the snowy mountains in winter.The CAR DANCHI crew, Shinya Nakagawa, Kazushi Yamauchi, and Hayato Doi, who know this area very well, had a session.

Behind-the-scenes stories from the top 3 photo divisions & Slopestyle winner interviews

Continuing from last year, "COWDAY FILM" was held as an online contest for snowboarding video and photo works.The spotlight will be on the photo category again this year, and we will introduce the top three works.In addition, we will also deliver interviews with the young riders who won the crown of victory at the "COWDAY SLOPE", which was held for the first time in four years on the snowy mountains.

In addition, we spotlighted recommended courses for snowboarders『BEST SNOW RESORT GUIDE』, 330 people will win a lift ticket"Lift ticket gift plan"And so on, popular projects just before December are also posted!

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