FREERUN September issue special edition "SNOWBOARD BEST GEAR CATALOG 9/20" will be released on 21/8 (Wednesday)!

The season for the catalog issue has come again this year! … But I would like to inform you.

Due to the influence of the state of emergency of the new coronavirus, it was decided to postpone the release date, which was usually in late July, by about one month this year.8 AprilIt will be released in.

We apologize to all the readers who have been looking forward to the release in July.We are currently working on a highly acclaimed production.Please wait for a while.

The top article of the catalog issue introduces the talented models from the latest gear that each company is proud of, including the story of its development.

The main feature at the beginning is "MY FAVORITE GEAR", which features the latest snowboard gear recommended by shop staff.
The special feature will cover 52 pages and will feature all 103 carefully selected items.Gear masters from snowboard shops nationwide who are checking the latest gear in detail
We recommend each gear that you really want to use.Introducing opinions from various angles.
In between the articles, "GEAR BASIC TIPS" is posted with basic information about snowboard gear and a column to solve simple questions.
If you read this, your understanding of gear will improve at once.Anyway, the special feature at the beginning is more volume than ever, and it is perfect for reading, so please look forward to it.

In addition, "BEST GEAR AWARDS 2020-2021" is posted, which is decided by answering the questionnaire "What is the latest gear you would like to recommend to users?" For shop staff nationwide, which is held annually.
Boards, boots, and bindings are divided into "FREE STYLE" and "FREE RIDE", respectively, and TOP3 is announced. We will also decide and announce the TOP3 in WEAR, GOGGLE and GLOVE.

There is also a special feature on kids gear.Not only hard gear such as boards, but also protectors and kids' improvement support items are gathered.

And the brand catalog corner that develops in the order of alpha beds.From now on, you can compare and examine attractive new products that will be lined up in stores one after another while flipping through them, which will be a big success in selecting gear for this season.

A national shop guide is posted at the end of the book.Find your favorite shop you can trust.

>> Free Run September issue special edition
¥ 1,300 (tax included)
From Wednesday, August 8, it will be sold at bookstores nationwide, snowboard shops, WEB bookstores such as Amazon, and online.

A little earlier than the catalog issue, this site is a digital that allows you to read user catalogs of popular brands at once.Catalog cornerStart.A digital catalog of about 80 brands will be released along with an introduction of about 50 brands and link settings for WEB and SNS.
The latest catalogs of more than 35 brands have already been released, and the catalogs of old models can also be viewed as an archive.
This corner is very useful for selecting the latest gear, so please use it together with the catalog issue to select gear for this season.

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