FREERUN December issue, released on November 12th (Monday)!The special feature is "INSIDE STORY Photograph × Japah Field -Behind the scenes capturing the best moments-"

The days had been warmer than usual, but now that we're here, it's suddenly getting colder.Some ski resorts have started opening this weekend as well!Winter is finally here.This month, we have featured a project unique to the magazine.Behind-the-scenes stories hidden in snowboarding photos.Under what circumstances and with what thoughts was the photo taken?We will introduce the trajectory of the photographer and rider who followed to capture that moment.

Interview with Makoto Masuda
A teenager who was hailed as precocious.A man in his 10s who was considered mature.A man in his 20s who has entered his mature years.However, the person in question seems to feel that he is immature.The never-ending journey of self-exploration continues until he can express his ultimate freestyle.In order to draw attention to his snowboarding style, which is sometimes cool and radical, and other times comical to his fans, he is full of joy, anger, and sorrow, so we took a look at Ruiki Masuda's current position.

INSIDE STORY Photograph × Japah Field
Behind the scenes capturing the best moments

A moment of a few hundredths of a second is recorded as a photograph.It is the result of a crossover between the riding that snowboarders embody and the sensibilities of photographers who capture it artistically.That's why each photo has such great value, and there are so many stories behind the scenes.Here we will introduce the stories behind 1 photographs taken in snowy mountains across Japan.

Inevitability brought about by the photographer's knowledge and foresight
Yuri Okubo × Sho Nakata
At the end of February last season, there was no significant snowfall for Hokkaido.I decided to head up this mountain that day thinking that there would still be snow to play in, based on my experience gained over more than 2 years.The scenery was just as I had read.

A long-awaited photo taken after 40 minutes of harsh conditions.
Yuta Kobayashi × Kentaro Fuchimoto
Mid-May at the end of the season.Photographer Kentaro Fuchimoto wanted to capture the sunrise that he wanted to capture in a hastily decided photo shoot in search of the barely remaining snow.You only have 5 minutes to cut out the color exactly as you imagined...

A trip around the Hokkaido powder belt vol.3

A powder belt that stretches approximately 200 kilometers from north to south in the center of Hokkaido.It is a general term for snowfields such as Tomamu, Furano, Kamui, Asahidake, and Kurodake, and this area has a 2,000m-class mountain range, snow resorts, local ski resorts, the city of Asahikawa, and an environment where you can fully enjoy the snowy mountains in winter. All are available.This time, we will introduce the appeal of the powder belt in two parts: Tomamu and Asahikawa.

Golden Age nurturing environment and noteworthy kids
The focus is on the nurturing environment for kids who aim to become the New Age of the future.For children of this generation to devote themselves to snowboarding, not only their own thoughts but also the attitudes and support of the adults around them, including their parents, will be a major factor.We looked at two cases to find out what kind of upbringing environment these kids, who are rapidly gaining strength and attracting attention, are in.

In addition, we spotlighted recommended courses for snowboarders『BEST SNOW RESORT GUIDE』, 320 people will win a lift ticket"Lift ticket gift plan"And so on, popular projects just before December are also posted!

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