FLOW, NIDECKER, YES brand catalog released!

The historic brand "NIDECKER" that has evolved snowboarding for over 35 years, the binding brand "FLOW" that has put the innovative technology of rear entry into the snowboarding industry, and the snowboarding brand "YES" driven by three professional riders.We will publish the catalogs of these three brands on SBN!

NIDECKER and FLOW posted gear explanations in Japanese except for some.Perhaps you can only see the Japanese catalog on SBN, so please check it out!

Click the catalog image of each brand below to jump to the digital book.

Founded in 1887, Nidecker started ski production in 1912 and released its first snowboard in 1984. In 1985, using the know-how cultivated in ski development, steel edges were adopted for the board.In addition, the brand has made great strides in snowboarding with its high technology by introducing boards that use innovative technologies such as the first carving board, asymmetric board, and double flex board to the market.

The FLOW binding does not fade over time.We have always innovated snowboard bindings with the latest technology.Based on that experience, technology, and vast amount of data, FLOW has been reborn as a brand specializing in binding from a total snowboard brand.To continue developing the best bindings that are second to none.

Born in Canada in 2009 by RDM (Romain De Marchi), DCP (David Carrier Porcheron), and JPS (JP Solberg), it has been released to the world."YES." Is a completely new SNOWBOARD RIDER'S COMPANY that each rider expresses as an independent owner.