First day riding

Kia Ora

Come on

Because it was snowing

All my friends were so busy that I couldn't get along

Well, I went up to the mountain with the feeling that I would see it.

I changed the tires yesterday, and I felt like driving at the hot springs.

Then ...


Oh, it's slippery!

A calm afternoon without wind. ..Hmm, in the evening?


It feels good.

Scenery, like

This is a good spot discovery. ..

Well, yes, it's Snosuke.


Looks good

Let's go for the time being!


It was a little steep

Sneakers are slippery.

-XNUMX ℃ Powder snow on Grass rather than powder. ..

I stopped about twice and got sick.

The snow was cold.

How nice!It's interesting!


It's a matter of digital camera quality!

The timing was a little late.

The sunset was beautiful.more.

Actually, I also did a street downhill with another snooze

(Snosuke should be crispy!)

Another one is No Board

I felt the powder in the hustle and bustle, but I'm glad!

That feeling of floating?Is that right? 

It's a feeling that Snosuke doesn't have.

Lift quickly and burn with a gondola!I want to slip

This season has come again this year.


 Sharin?No sharing  

I can hear you calling me Sharin, but sharing.Have them match on the spot.

Suede type.

The dark color is not because it is wet, but because it is oiled.

Then, the suede is also perfectly waterproof. ..

Synthetic leather type and Green.Lab collaboration type

I have XNUMX pairs of Irochi. .. ..

You can use it in winter.

Someday, it started!

I look forward to working with you this season as well.

Mountains, cars, tires, boards, yourself, friends.

Kia Ora