face to face.

Is it a buzzard ..
Isn't it a buzzard and a black kite?
The buzzard has a round tail and the black kite has a fish-like tail.
They feel good ..
As Takei-so said, can we really fly if we've been flapping for a few years?

Hello everyone.
It's too empty during the blog ..
Hmm ~ Can you read Blog?
I don't think anyone has read this ...
Looking back on my first blog and reading it, it's boring with very common content.
I'm not living such an interesting life, and I can't help but make a story or grow tall, so I decided to record it as a soliloquy.

kazuGave me such a chance ..

That's why I started again.
I notice something left behind at the 20km point ..
I don't forget the things that don't matter, but I often forget the important things.

It's a shave, it's a shaver, something ..
I wasted more than 40 kilometers round trip to the only thing I left behind ..

If you don't do this because of the bristles, you will become a thief while traveling.
I'm not Goriki-chan ,, Bristles… ..
The bristles are so sharp that the shaver's blade is rounded.
Shave in the morning, face in the evening, different ,,
It's not a magnet, but it looks like a face with iron sand attached.
Fast-growing ,,,

Forgotten Bancho
YUKIBANCHOCan't be .. Umai


For that reason, maybe .. buzzard.
Decca ~ Sky ..
It's the universe, right?The future is ..


Arrived at my hometown Chigasaki in the morning and took a walk in the sea.

God HandsNaito sensei"Kanzuri" as a souvenir.
It is well balanced.
This is amazing .. I can breathe bang bang again.


Seeing the appearance of the bag with my father at my parents' house, I head to Chiba's best friend.

Ryo is good at cooking, but it doesn't come true for Cheebo's affection.
The left is stupidTappyAnd on the right is Ryo of Ampontan.
I'm in trouble for those who are as old as my parents and I'm danced for some reason ..
With a song by My Co-Jackson.
daa !!!!! hooou ~

Such a tappyGODWith a shaper that the owner admits, I was invited to Bali in September this year.Uo Sedge


This time in SaitamaRelaxingOrder from one of the four homes.
genten style skateboard

Hmm ...Huckle BerryI have also made 3 orders for.

Yoshi,Koshimi-chan,I am always grateful for your help.


Next, head to EdoNative products OfFukuyama-kunTo meet you.

Although it was a busy visit, the couple welcomed me.
Fuku-chan, keep an eye on your daughter with a derodero.
Daughter, keep an eye on my face ...
Did you have nose hair ????

Speaking of nose hairGo Ueda.. Nose hair is out at any time he.
Oh, don't get angry ...


I'm really looking forward to the next model.
TJ, which gets better and better, is a snowboard made by everyone.

Tj142 Isn't it easy to ride by any means?


Second son~

after a long timeRootsI drank with everyone, but after allAkiI'm flying ..
Aki on both sidesKatsu-kunNext to Katsu-kun is Takeshi.

Takeshi never beat me when he was active ..
Ah, cute ,,
It's more amazing than me, but the heart of a flea.

So, the face is big in perspectiveCurry.
He5050I'm the owner of a skate shop and a happy person.


Jojojojo is still running.
Located on the Fuji River in ShizuokaPoseidon surf & snowI came to

The owner(I.e.Mr. is a long-time acquaintance who was taken care of in the 80s.
A legendary surfer, a man with a tremendous brain, and a man whose arm is undisputed as a shaper ..

... I don't know why, but I was surprised at the aggressive surfing that year, and the intelligence that sticks to the shape is not perfect, so it's fierce.
It's a good old man who can handle 3S without any problems.



Next to that ..
Right now, you guys lay down next to you, right?

As a snowboarder, as a surfer, skating is a little bit now.
Moto-chankonayuki snowboardsOwner and champion of the 90's alpine.
The surfboard I ordered from Mr. Ichikawa was completed, so I met him when I came to pick it up.

The purpose of this day was Mr. Ichikawa's wife,JunkoI came to surf if there was a wave in Mr.'s skating lesson and the Fuji River, but unfortunately I ate without waves.
Why is it a lunch treat together?
It was a day when I forgot about the passage of time due to the constant topic, and on the way back, I had a lot of delicious vegetables from Mr. and Mrs. Ichikawa.

Thank you ..


Jojojojo ~

Next, when I went to Hachioji to skate alone, I met Onizuka-kun.
I thought there was a man with a scary face, but he was a friend.
My friends, those guys ...

Well, it's really wonderful to think again and talk face-to-face.
It takes time, money, and physical strength, but it is valuable and born ..

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