Ero Surfskate Entertainment!? LUFFIN SKATE TV collaboration video ~Part XNUMX~

Last time and the time before last, I made it into a trilogy!I was insisting that

Have you seen the video?lol

If you haven't yet, please click here!

A must-see for beginner skaters!I'll gently teach you how to slide the bowl.

how is it! ?It was fun! ?It's funny and surprisingly useful! ! (lol)

The final chapter of the video shot by LUFFIN SKATE TV who came to my home, Myoko JWSC (International Snowboard & Skateboard College)!

One day in July, we started shooting early in the morning and finally started the third shoot lol

Naturally, my tension is getting weird!

It's scorching hot inside the park! w

It seems like they have prepared a terrible instructor!

Demon coach, come out! …

That's right lol

Now, for the final chapter of the trilogy, we received a request from the LUFFIN SKATE crew.

Lecture a trick!

picture?what is it?

Although he refrained from filming this time because the location was an educational institution, he still brings out some sexy material lol

ah!I see!That’s it! ? w

This time, MAKIKO-san

Let's try "Air"!

First of all, I'm embarrassed to do a model run...

The editing is cool and I look cool too! w

Let's start!Let's take a look at MAKIKO's current air style!

Thank you in advance!


Gavin, w

Now, MAKIKO will teach you as if you have no experience in air training!

I decided to practice like I used to do with the students of the snowboarding department.

Please check the video for important points. . .

If you watch the video and imitate it, everyone might be able to fly! ?

Please watch the video for details! ! w

Now, MAKIKO's intense practice begins!

As we approach the actual performance, it is once again a role model...and?

Mmmmm!this is! ?Maybe she was wearing makeup! ?

Finally the goal of Flying MAKIKO! ?

You've done it!

Such a JWSC lab!If you are interested, please visit the open campus...

GO !!!

This time, there is an off-shot bonus footage called Otirekai!

The photo was taken at Bunza, a soba restaurant in Myoko City that I also love lol

That's why I introduced it three times.

Me Fujinuma's video channel

“To Fujinuma Pro Snowboarder/RIDE FOR A SMILE”

"LUFFIN SKATE TV"Collaboration video

Please take a look at MAKIKO's hard work in the final chapter!