[Video included] Sliding with an erotic R-designated surf skater (Part XNUMX)

This time, I will introduce the second part of the video I introduced last time, "A sexy surf skater came to the skate park, so I served you"!

The previous video is here. MAKIKO came to "MAUNA" for the first time in XNUMX months!

Below is a super funny video from Luffin Skate TV.i watched it XNUMX times

This is the story of MAKIKO's challenge to "hand plant"!




So here is the video I want to introduce today.

The members of Luffin Skate TV, a group of erotic R-designated surf skaters who skated Mauna Bowl for the first time in a long time.

There was also a fall, but everyone was good at carving, so the theme of the shooting was

Aiming for "Carving Grind"!I decided w

"Carving Grind" is, as the name suggests, the hanger and lip of the truck go through the lip while carving!I will say a trick that rubs more (Is there a case like two wheeler or double track?)

Let's try it!

MAKIKO is doing well!

There was also a good shout out w

Are you trying to give a high touch to something?

During MAKIKO's break, Mr. Luffin Skate TV's "Egg King", who also works as a cameraman and an editor, will also take on the challenge!

What a surprising result...

But why is everyone feeling dissatisfied?smile


Quail MG Manager, who has XNUMX hours of skating experience, will also take on the challenge!

Is it not okay?how is it?Disagreeable!The perfect result is in the video!look forward to it~w

Well, I gave an assignment to MAKIKO, the main MC of Luffin Skate TV.

Do you want to submit a goal setting proposal?Did you feel a little uneasy?With skillful speech. . . ?


I feel like I can go! ?

very? ? ? w

I'm ready! MAKIKO, you're already excited! w

However!Let's try!In such a scene, I sometimes get intimidated... Because I'm a girl who tears up. . . w

It's been about a year since the channel opened!MAKIKO has improved tremendously, but come to think of it, she is a beginner skater who has only been surfskating for a year.

However! ?Muster up your courage?

Watch the video below to see her courageous challenge and the Luffin skate crew's challenge.



Such three people unfold erotic surf skating entertainment Youtube ch "Luffin Skate TV"

I also performed!


MAKIKO and others watched the skate how-to I made, and among them, the No. 1 trick I want to do someday is "hand plant"!It is a video of the purpose.

I've already seen this about XNUMX times, but quite a bit!it was an interesting work

Please take a look at this when you have time!

By the way, here is the "hand plant" how-to that I published before.

Everyone please try it!