JIB battle with special items where CASH dances ELECTRIC ALL FLAT CASH JAM 2016

Earn ELECTRIC CASH with full style!


On Saturday, February 2th, the second ELECTRIC-sponsored JIB event ALL FLAT CASH JAM 13 (AFCJ) was held at Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort.The rules of the event are very simple.Participants who earn more ELECTRIC CASH distributed by ELECTRIC team riders will win over the cool riders who have fascinating slips. It's a game of how much you can earn 2 and 2016 CASH anyway.

For this special item, first HIT, side-in-down rail, and three lines can be selected from there.Three items from the rider's left to the totem pole, UP to DOWN table, and 3-stage rail.And the final section is a closed rail full of street taste.



Free entry AFCJ held at free lunch.76 JIB Holic people gathered all over the country will compete in a jam session divided into 3 heats.This season, the snow that can be used for course modeling was limited due to the record light snow, but the special course designed by SNOW CASE DESIGN has a masterpiece layout that does not make you feel such a thing.

The five ELECTRIC riders who were in charge of the judges this time were Teddy Koo, Shouma Takao, Masato Toda, Ryoki Ogawa, and Ruki Tobita.The weather forecast on the previous day was rainy, but it was a sunny day.The session started in a spring-like atmosphere.

Many riders aimed at the 3-stage VOLT rail.This item, which appeared at last year's event, is a difficult item, but the participants of the tsuwamono lineup such as board slides and transfers are making more and more tricks. Speed ​​is important for the UP to DOWN table.This was a section where girls and kids were bravely attacking.The totem pole that was sitting on the far left, what was specially handmade for this event.Here, tricks such as mirror flips pop out.The closed rails in the final section were often played in two patterns, playing as flat rails or hitting from the front.If you make a dangerous trick, you will be handed a lot of CASH, but the slam you attacked will also be appreciated.Whether or not the atmosphere of the place is lively is also an important point to earn CASH.





In JAM, which was heated from the qualifying, eight people who earned CASH from each heat will win.Each participant earns money. Some participants keep hitting one item anyway, while others hit the item evenly.In particular, the totem pole was an item that was difficult to hit, and Coco was a little-known item that earned CASH.If you go aiming for the closed rail, the distance of the hike will increase, and it is divided into two participants, one who aims so far and the other who tries more and more through here.The intervals between each section are set short, and it is a course that shows not only the skill of riding a rail but also whether or not you are riding a board.

Participants who counted their own CASH by announcing the results of the qualifying, and some participants who got a large amount of wads and passed the qualifying easily, but could not make it to the final by only one card.The 1 winners will go to the final.Free lunch time before going to the final.Curry rice of intense horse was served this year as well.By the way, this tournament all hike up. A series of hike-ups of about 24m requires considerable physical strength.



In the final, the voltage at the trick level venue also jumps up.Starting with the transfer from the lip of the totem pole to the DOWN table, the mirror flip on the totem pole, the transfer in on the 3-stage rail, 450 out, and other tricks that blow CASH. CASH dances and YEAR's voice rises from the audience.Kazuma Sawada, who was conspicuous from the qualifying, won the incandescent JAM session while the top-level jibers were in full force.The mirror flip at the totem pole was overwhelming throughout the venue, and a storm of praise from the judges' ELECTRIC riders.The mirror flip here also got the best trick award. Even in the 3-dan rail and closed rail, he showed outstanding style and plenty of riding, and won the championship in the first race.Unfortunately, I lost, but it was Satoshi Yoneno who came in second.The board judgment on the three-tiered rail overwhelmed the other participants. Even difficult tricks such as 2 out were very easy to make. Takashi Tamamura came in third. Aggressive movements were shining in flashy tricks such as front flips at the UP to DOWN table.ALL FLAT CASH JAM where participants with cool styles competed against each other.The final was a pretty spectacular high level session.Although the session of competing for style and skill in a simple section is a contest format, it is a festival-like event where rail lovers gather together. JIB holic people will take on the challenge next year.Participants who feel frustrated this year will hone their skills to earn more CASH next year.If you haven't seen it live yet, please come visit us next year.You should be hot in the JIB battle that unfolds in front of you.
The PHOTO SESSION, which was held by the riders and the winners after the tournament, will be reported on the FREERUN paper next season.One of the whole body left by them will be posted on paper.The highlight movie will be released next season, so let's check that as well!





1 Kazuma Sawada Kazuma Sawada

2 Satoshi Yoneno Komenoshunshi

3 Takashi Tamamura Takashi Tamamura

4 Naoki Tominaga Tomina Ganaoki

5 Satoshi Endo Pea Masashi

6 Teru Morooka Morooka Akira



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