ROTECK, a new model that reigns at the top of ELECTRIC snow goggles

When talking about goggles with many riders and shops all over the country, I often heard people say that ELECTRIC lenses are easy to see.Such lenses have evolved further and will be installed in ROTEC K, which is newly added to the ELECTRIC snow goggles lineup.Its name is TUNED LENS.This lens removes certain colors from the wavelength of light, such as blue light, which are more likely to reflect diffusely than other visible light, reduce the visibility of unevenness on the snow surface, and increase eye fatigue. There is a function.It tunes the light that comes into your eyes to the right one.Thanks to this, the terrain that appears one after another while sliding and the snow surface conditions that change from moment to moment can be seen more clearly and clearly.Of course, as with conventional lenses, the mold-injected manufacturing method is also adopted, in which the lens is molded into a frame shape without bending the lens according to the curve of the frame, while maintaining the high-performance anti-fog effect and scratch prevention coating. Has been done.This is the reason why the field of view is not distorted and the transparency of the lens itself is high.By the way, this model is the only model that has a lineup of photochromic lenses.In order to make the most of the advantages of this high-performance lens, some ingenuity has been applied to the frame.That is the outrigger mounted between the frame and the strap.If the strap is attached directly to the frame, the frame will be slightly distorted when wearing the goggles.This will distort the lens, but the outriggers will prevent it.Also, because there is no side frame due to the outriggers, one of the features is that the horizontal field of view is quite wide.The area is said to be the largest in the history of ELECTRIC.
And the finish is perfect in terms of fit.The frame bends with a light force by hand, and it boasts a different dimension of flexibility by using TPU (Thermo Plastic Urethane), a material that does not harden even at low temperatures. It also fits your face.Moreover, a polar fleece that feels good on the skin and does not easily cause allergies is used for the parts that come into direct contact with the skin.In addition, the foam has a three-layer structure using two types of sponge with different hardness, which softens the impact when falling, and a one-layer sponge is added to the nose part, making it a Japan fit specification.Exactly, everything is exhausted.

The model name can be read as low-tech, but its performance is a high-tech model that is unprecedented in the history of the brand.That is ROTECK.

Frame Color: MATTE GLACIER (left), STATIC BLACK (right)
Lens Color: ATOMIC CE (left), AUBURN RED (right)
Price: ¥ 28,600 (Dimming lens: ¥ 37,400, LURKINGCLASS COLLAB: ¥ 31,900)

Improves fit with 3 different layers
The face foam has a three-layer structure that uses polar fleece for the part that touches the face, in addition to two types of sponges with different hardness.This leads to a comfortable fit
By having outriggers ...
The outriggers that connect the frame to the strap prevent distortion of the frame and lens when worn.Also, because there is no side frame, the field of view is wide.
A feeling of wearing that wraps around
The reason I didn't make the strap buckle is to hold it gently so that it wraps around my head.All for comfortable riding!
There are 3 lens ventilations!
The reason why there are three ventilations in the lens itself is to prevent fogging between the lenses.


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