The secret story of the graphic collaboration of elan's new model "TITAN" is published on the GK Dynamics website

TAITAN is a new addition to elan's lineup this year. This model, which has a special feature page in the FREERUN gear catalog, has been completed as a board that reproduces the ideals of the developers, Mr. Yoshida and Mr. Takeda of Elan Japan.It has been a hot topic in the industry even before its release, and has received high praise from all concerned parties.

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TITAN was created with a strong focus not only on the board concept and ride quality, but also on the graphics.The company responsible for this design was GK Dynamics, which handles YAMAHA motorcycle design.The company, which designs products mainly for motorcycles, and a snowboard brand have teamed up.

In this interview, the secret stories of the collaboration and the thoughts of both parties regarding the design are told.

@ GK Dynamics (from the interview page below)

This interview gives a sense of the expansion of snowboarding and other industries, with snowboarding as a hub.

GK Dynamics interview page

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