Keijiro Kasahara, also known as DOGGY, joins the GIRO team!

Eyewear and helmet brand GIRO has signed a rider contract with Keijiro Kasahara, also known as DOGGY, from this 2023-2024 season.GIRO has an image of skiing in Japan, but it is expanding its market share worldwide and is gradually increasing its presence in the Japanese snowboarding scene.

In fact, it even appeared on the GIRO page of the FREERUN gear catalog.

I'm really curious about how GIRO will develop in the future by collaborating with DOGGY!

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A new model that will appear from this season.It has an old school frame and is very popular among riders.They come in an affordable price range and come in a wide variety of designs.There are 11 colors available in addition to the RED&ORANGE VINTAGE pictured. ¥19,800

This is a collaboration design with FENDER


High-end model of GIRO goggles. It features a frameless design that is the opposite of REVOLT.It is equipped with a semi-spherical lens that provides a wide field of view equivalent to that of the naked eye.Equipped with a quick change system that allows you to change lenses instantly. ¥48,400

A flat lens model with an eye-catching semi-rimless stylish design.Equipped with a magnetic lens exchange system.It's nice to be able to always have a comfortable view without the stress of changing lenses, even on days when the weather is changeable. ¥34,100


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