DIY split board

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After all I want a split board.By the way, I was able to get the Karakoram binding because of the edge, so I made it!
So, let's introduce it on the web and let's get excited about split fever.No, I'm sure there are many people who are interested, so let's do it because it's interesting.That's why Yamagishi created an article on his site.
Yamagishi wants to make a living in this way
Opinions often collide, but the ambitions are similar (?) Speaking of friends, they are friends.Lol
Check it out
Magna traction! !! !!
Tachi who doesn't care too much! !! !!
There are often events, but I'm free to think about my activity schedule, so I go when I want to go.
In search of a good place. It was recently that I used to improve exploring with shoes and splits while being guided by Mr. Yusaku Nagasawa of hakuba while saying NeverStopExploring.
This year was the best Atari in recent years
There will be a lot of snow in spring too
No hamper
With Split, you'll feel like going farther.