Long-selling model "JACKPOT" _DICE that established the high reliability of DICE

Since its appearance in the lineup
High-performance model that is always used by many riders

PRICE: ¥ 19,800 (main unit price ¥ 18,000)

As a standard model of DICE, "JACKPOT" is used by many snowboarders.It can be said that it is a model that established the position of today's DICE in goggles.The fit of the frame developed to fit the face of Japanese people and the state-of-the-art lens technology developed by researching the snowy mountains of Japan have earned tremendous trust.
The spherical lens, which has a wide viewing angle close to that of the naked eye, absorbs water in the goggles like a sponge, controls cloudiness, and ensures a clear view.In addition, a helmet-compatible belt tab called EASY BELT TAB is adopted, and even when wearing a helmet, it holds firmly without any gaps.
A high-performance lens that DICE is proud of for its excellent fit.Once you put it on in the snowy mountains, you'll understand why snowboarders who pursue style repeat JACKPOT.

CLARITEX MESH: The top uses Claritex mesh that specializes in "water repellency" and "stain resistance".Efficient ventilation function is demonstrated even in bad conditions during snowfall and precipitation to smoothly take in outside air and control cloudiness.

PUFF FORM: The fit is outstanding because we have always faced the needs of Japanese snowboarders.Very soft face and no stress even when worn for a long time

EASY BELT TAB: Movable belt tab for helmets.Improves the fit of goggles when wearing a helmet.Since it is a simple fitting type, it is also possible to remove the belt

> Pre-emptive gear special feature
>No need to worry about poor visibility! "BANK" equipped with A-BLOW system that allows quick ventilation with one touch
>"SHOW DOWN" pursuing the standard style of goggles while keeping the latest technology
>Japan Fit BIG frame model "HIGH ROLLER", a self-confident work of DICE that has continued to develop high quality goggles

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