DANG SHADES 2016 SPRING / SUMMER Relief release color is now available!

From the eyewear brand "DANG SHADES", which released 3 colors that will be early release colors in March last month, from the 5 SPRING / SUMMER line, 2016 colors that will be release colors will be 3 It has been decided to start additional over-the-counter sales in a hurry on 4th (Friday)!
The frame color released this time is based on the LOCO frame, with a refreshing blue gradation color that is perfect for the coming season printed on the temple and combined with the popular blue mirror lens, and now DANG A total of three colors will be released, combining a chrome mirror and a green mirror with a black-based raised ORIGINAL frame that has been processed to highlight the No. 1 popular logo.
The price is 3,700 yen + tax for the LOCO frame, which is usually a lens specification, and 4,000 yen + tax for each raised frame, which is a super-profitable price.A DANG SHADES original case is also included in these 3 colors.
It will be a warmer season for spring, and it will be easier for you to do activities.Enjoy coordination with the new DANG.There is no doubt that it will be a hot eyewear item this spring that can be coordinated borderlessly according to various lifestyle scenes as well as streets!
Expand the possibilities of fashion in the spring and summer of 2016 with DANG SHADES !!

DANG GANGS – Ted Borland (SNOWBOARD), Jesse Burtner (SNOWBOARD), Bode Merrill (SNOWBOARD), Austin Granger (SNOWBOARD), Chris Beresford (SNOWBOARD), Tim Ronan (SNOWBOARD), Justin Keniston (SNOWBOARD), Chris Grenier (SNOWBOARD)
Hitoya Nishiwaki (MTB), Takayuki Nakamura (snowboard), Yosuke Yokota (freestyle football), Ryoichi Komatsu (yoga), Yasuo Aiuchi (fishing), Asuka Saga (surfin), Ranran (snowboard videographer), Tsuda Kentaro (freestyle skiing), Yuya Akada (snowboarding)

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