Coome Ride With Us Tour!addition!Next is Kandatsu Kogen Ski Resort!


A venue has been added to the head COME RIDE WITH US tour that started right after the start of the 14-15 season!

February 2th (Fri) -6th (Sun) Kandatsu Kogen Ski Resort (8-4121 Kandatsu, Yuzawa Town, Minami Uonuma District, Niigata Prefecture TEL: 1-025-788)

March 3th (Wednesday) 4th (Thursday) Okuibuki Ski Resort (Kozuhara Okuibuki, Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture TEL: 5-0749-59)

Riding with the head rider and stepping up to NEXT LEVEL


Let's slide with the head riders along with the latest gear !!

The popular head event "Come Ride With Us" is held all over the country every year!

In the 15-16 season, head SB demo cars will appear all over the country.

This is a chance to get advice on gear as well as riding.

Let's take advantage of this opportunity!

No entry fee, just drop in at the head demo car booth on the day.

* Please bear the expenses required for skiing such as lift tickets.

Time: 10: 00 to 14: 00