Come Ride With Us in Geihoku International Ski Resort Day 2!


From last night's party, I thought it would be late, but he came from the morning!The first one in the morning just before riding!


It's a sunny day from the morning, and the burn condition is the best. It's the start of the second day. Get photos with K & K team! !! !!

Come Ride With Us !!!! AIR tournament with everyone using the terrain of powder burn! !! !!




Everyone was having fun while attacking!


Everyone smiled from beginning to end, whether they flew, slipped, fell, or succeeded.


The guest riders also really enjoyed it.While having fun, create a fun atmosphere, raise the tension of the customers, and have a session together! !! !!


Customers from Marasaki Sports Hiroshima Fuchu who participated for two days in a row! 2-year-old men are exhausted!Even with this, I returned with the skills, knowledge, and experience.See you next time at Hakuba Cortina!



Finally a commemorative photo!The exciting "Come Ride With Us" was a huge success with no injuries.Everyone who participated and everyone at Geihoku Kokusai Ski Resort who cooperated a lot!I'm really thankful to you.I look forward to working with you next year.