Come Ride With Us in Geihoku International Ski Resort! !! !!first day! !! !!


Come Ride With Us in Geihoku International Ski Resort! !! !!

It was successfully held on December 12-17!We welcomed Shin Asuka Pro and Fujiwara Erika Pro as guest riders, and it was two days full of smiles on "Come Ride With Us".Kenji Fujimoto, a professional snowboarder from Hiroshima and the owner of the K & K snowboards shop, and Keiko Okura, who has won the PSA-ASIA Pro Tour six times, also brought in customers.My beloved daughter Karina is also with me.

Today, I will post the state of the first day on my blog.


This guest rider, Erika Fujiwara on the left is a professional!I'm a professional snowboarder from Hiroshima prefecture.It seems to be one of the famous Fujiwara clan in the area where Geihoku Kokusai Ski Resort is located!Lol And on the right is Shin Asuka Pro.He specializes in half-pipe events and has a style of riding with long limbs. Throughout the two days, we enjoyed ourselves energetically because we didn't enjoy it in order to entertain our customers.That's what a professional snowboarder should be.Technology is of course, but ideas for finding eyes and techniques to find a place to play!A performance that excites everyone!I think it was the most influential to the participants who skated together! ??They are play geniuses!


Participants and everyone who fluttered and skated were full of the best smiles.


Everyone at the professional snowboard shop "STUSH" in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture!I attacked the fresh snow 30cm-40cm the day before.You can do powder, jump, butter tricks with powder, but everyone can try it!Laugh, revenge, success, rejoice!I really enjoyed the atmosphere of "Come Ride With Us".It's impressive how you really enjoy it! I was pushing with two riders in a good way! Thank you to everyone at STUSH for coming. The owner of STUSH was really good at snowboarding and enjoyed it aggressively. He was a "cool" real person!


I really enjoyed this powder zone!



Karina who snowboards!Everyone's idol.

After that, sessions with riders throughout the day! While testing the head snowboards board, everyone was improving their skills by receiving advice.Time goes by in a blink of an eye and continues to the evening party.