Come Ride With Us in Hodaigi Ski Resort Day 5.


Come Ride With Us in Hodaigi Ski Resort

Day 5! !! !!

Surfers from Chiba came to visit us! !! !!

Pro surfers are worried about slipping!

Powder surfing!

It seems that there are many things that can be connected to snowboarding!



A girl who wants to do Gratley came to play.

When I got on Evil i., I remembered the nose press, nose slide, and tail press in just 30 minutes and went home!

After all, it looks like a good board!Lol

Friends who yearn for Yamato Maehara come and casually come to play

Customers from Tochigi's pro shop came

It was a sunny day.1979488_873553862666158_7707018190424980472_n

The MOSS SNOWBOARDS team is also having a test drive

Have a session together


Finally, the HAGLOFS team that supports Yamato Maehara

Come and have a session!

Even though it's 16:XNUMX, there is still powder left.

With various people

Come Ride With Us has a good encounter! !! !! !! !!

Tomorrow is the last day! !! !! !!

Please come and visit us.10922694_873580432663501_6460233181843549797_n

Daisuke Hosono enjoyed POWDER in front of the restaurant MARMOTO! !! !!