Come Drink With Us in K & K snowboard project! !! !! !!


Come Ride With Us in Geihoku International Ski Resort!

The first night is "Come Drink With Us" at the K & K snowboard project in Asaminami Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture.Enjoy darts while talking about today's riding, and drink.Participants listening to the rider's story with interest while playing the DVD "TOM BOY" starring Erika Fujiwara and Asuka Shin.The environment where you can talk with the rider in a friendly way is wonderful!I think it's a really precious time. The two riders were so friendly and cheerful that it was so quick to get along!It was a good time.

While seriously darts, everyone competes for luxurious prizes with darts.


The first eye-catching prize! Limited change of clothes poncho of head snowboards! !! !!I didn't have two riders, so I really came to win, but I bought a 21-year-old rookie! This is a picture of two people regret!interesting!


Rider and Chimane also play a game!The loser will drink! w It's a gathering that I hate to lose! w


Everyone who got the SP Bindings T-shirt! !! !!


The atmosphere of the shop is also very nice.

There is an app called iSKI.It is an application that allows you to measure slope information and your own running distance and speed.It's free!
Get the app and try darts!
These are the ones who got the Music Monster USB!



Sign the postcard of the head together and give it as a gift!



Everyone who participated in the evening party!Thank you very much.It's difficult to talk firmly on the slopes, but if there is a place like this, it's easy to talk and you can really enjoy it!Thank you for a really good time!

"The place was provided"K & K snowboard project'

Continue on the second day ~