Recently, I'm addicted to CARVER.

I ride a lot on holidays and when I have time.

So, when I was in front of my house yesterday, my dad, mom, and Mitsu showed interest and said that I wanted to do it, so when I got on it, it looked like this (laughs)

First of all, dad.

I'm the most confident, I've been riding, but the movement is like a robot (laughs)

Well, at the end, I was able to ride Oita.

My mother can't even get on the board (laughs)

There is too little sense.

Surprisingly, Mitsu was good at ☆

I thought I would never be able to ride it, but it was working well.

This is the board I'm riding now.

This year, I got support for this CARVER board.

I am doing a great job ☆