CAPiTA × UNION Difference in ride quality due to matching between board and binding [STYLE DIFFERENCES 01]

How does the ride quality of the board change depending on the binding?First of all, the soft flex board THUNDERSTICK with high operability, FLITE PRO for freestyle and STR binding specialized for free run.We asked Yasunaga Brothers Kaede about the difference in compatibility between these two models, which are entry models and easy to use even for beginners.

▪️CAPITA _ THUNDERSTICK JAPAN LIMITED (Thunderstick Japan Limited)
▪️ UNION _ FLITE PRO / STR (Flight Pro (left) / Estiel (right))

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Flexible setup for easy tricks

FLITE PRO pulls out the soft flex of THUNDERSTICK as it is, and I think it is a good match that makes it easy to press and perform tricks. CONTACT PRO is also light and can make soft movements, but FLITE PRO has a lighter impression.It has a solid hold, but it doesn't feel cramped, and it's easy to try various tricks because the ollie has a smooth foot and the treading comfort is light and flexible.The price is cheap, but it doesn't feel cheap at all, and I think it's a setting that even riders can use.The photo shows the board slide of the nose press, but it is a technique to put weight on both the nose and the toe side, and you have to put it on the pinpoint on the upper right part of the board, so you can not do it unless you have a soft vine. FLITE PRO can be pinpointed and stepped on as intended in an exquisite position.I think it's the best match in the sense that you can do the tricks more as you want with a soft flex board and vine.


STR brings out the ease of carving

This setting gives the impression that STR brings out the ease of carving of THUNDERSTICK, which makes it easier to cut the carving.It can withstand speed and the edges won't come off.Especially the heel side can withstand it.The base is a little firm, the cant is included, and the high back is strong, so you can withstand it firmly.And the response is good. The STR has a solid ankle strap that supports it even when you put your foot in front or put your weight on the back with a tail press.It has a moderate hardness and a comfortable hold, so it fits well with boots.The difference between the two setups is that the look of THUNDERSTICK changes depending on the vine.The board itself can do tricks and cut carving.It's very well-balanced, so it feels like you can choose which strength to bring out with Vine.If you choose Vine with an emphasis on carving, I think you should match it with STR.

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