CAPiTA × UNION Difference in ride quality due to matching between board and binding [STYLE DIFFERENCES 02]

Next is DOA, which is by far the most popular among CAPiTA, FORCE representing UNION, and the lightweight high-performance model CONTACT PRO.What kind of riding is the setting between high-end models with high rider usage?We asked Yasunaga Brothers Akira about those feelings.

▪️ UNION _ CONTACT PRO / FORCE (Contact Pro (left) / Force (right))

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High degree of freedom, severe weight transfer and fine adjustment are possible

CONTACT PRO is a binding that has a wide range of motion and does not interfere with the ankle, so it has a high degree of freedom and it is easy to put on 360 degree weight.The strap is thin and tightens well, but it's not hard.Besides, the high back is close to flat, so it's easy to lose power and create a style.With jib and fine spin tricks, the weight shift at your feet becomes quite severe.On the rails, there are many situations where you can put your weight on the rails and endure it, but CONTACT PRO is easy to handle because you can move your weight and make fine adjustments, and it goes well with DOA.Since the disc is a mini disc, I think it has good operability in the low speed range.Besides, since the entire back is bushing, it has high shock absorption and it is hard to put a burden on the knee.Carving is not difficult, but CONTACT PRO is characterized by a sticky operation feeling, so I think that it is a binding suitable for tricks that can give more style.


A sense of stability at high speeds is perfect

FORCE is a binding that has a solid feeling even in UNION. It goes well with DOA and speeds up, so free-running and carving are stable.Since the flex of the board is directly transmitted to the foot, the carving can be cut well and the edge can be gripped firmly.The quick reaction is also good.If you combine a stable DOA with a vine that is as solid as FORCE, I think it's a perfect match.I think it's easier to slide in a scene where you're squeezing a huge mountain from top to bottom, and I think it's also suitable for speeding tricks.For example, when you make a turn in the high speed range, you can use the momentum and speed of the turn on the opposite side to connect to the next turn, and it will be stable if there is a G. If it's a sticky reaction like CONTACT PRO, it feels like you can't make it in time if you slowly switch from heel to toe.So I think FORCE is the best if you want a sense of stability in your turn when you speed up.

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