CAPiTA Super Corporation is building the world's most advanced snowboard factory, The Mothership


CAPiTA Super Corporation announced on January 1th that it is building the world's most advanced snowboard factory, The Mothership.

Located on 7 acres (28,000 square meters) of land in Feistritz an der Gyle, Austria, the 53,000 square foot (4,900 square meters) facility will be fully integrated.Besides the unique technology and the patented CAPiTA MFG known by its name, touring,
Milling, printing, pressing, polishing, finishing, packaging and logistics are all included in this new facility.


The advanced R & D lab (dedicated test slope) features a well-maintained test slope with a distance of 3/4 miles (1.2 kilometers), and a more rigorous test run with 3 lifts and two snowboard parks. It takes place at the nearby Nasfeld Resort, which has an altitude difference of 0 feet (2 meters).

Focusing on responsible snowboard production, CAPiTA MFG will be a 100% hydro and solar power factory with zero carbon dioxide emissions and a new hydroelectric power plant built in collaboration with the local community.New technology lowers the process temperature and regulates the temperature and humidity of the air conditioner with a special water pump, requiring less energy.

CAPiTA's creed encourages global environmental support, including the development and use of certified wood cores and the recycling of advanced industrial raw materials.We also use healthier manufacturing techniques such as water-based inks, vegetable resins and solvent-free finishes.

The current multi-generational employees who are proud to manufacture Austrian snowboards will all be retained when the new facility opens in the fall of 2015.

In addition to sustainable energy sources and low emissions, CAPiTA MFG representative Blue Montgomery said, "In 2013, we got the largest snowboard factory in the world, but the scale of its production is ours. It wasn't the goal. With this strategic purchase, we were able to secure the dedicated machines that are essential to our products, as well as the transition times that are important to accomplish all aspects of the custom design & build factory. We have always focused on The Mothership, a brand new and state-of-the-art facility for the future.
Our goal is to make socially responsible snowboards and make the best snowboards in the world. ".


Founded in Seattle, Washington, CAPiTA Snowboarding is recognized for its gradual products, innovative athletes, and world-class snowboard manufacturing in Austria.