candy "Heyday" Tokyo & Fukuyama preview ☆

Hello ☆ Hello Chihuahua.

It's already past the tray and it's getting a little cooler
It's getting easier to spend ☆

This summer, which was extremely hot, was so fast
I wonder if it will be over in a little while ... I'm still lonely.
It's hot, though.Lol

How much more can you enjoy the summer mood?
I've been playing a lot this summer as well (mainly fishing)
There are a lot of things that aren't enough.
I wish I had one year for about two years w

Now.September will still be hot.
The preview season for each production will begin ♪

From this season, I will participate in the shooting in earnest
A candy preview will also be held this year in Fukuyama, Tokyo and Hiroshima ☆


Girls snowboard DVD that started in 2011 season
Last season also won the No. 1 sales record for girls snowboard DVDs!
12 domestic top girls snowboarders gathered
Girls DVD with a focus on full-scale riding !!

First of all, the Tokyo preview! !!

Release party for CANDY's new movie "Heyday"
Will be held at the Sad cafe in Harajuku on September 9th, the release date.
CANDY riders will also be on the day.
There is also a gorgeous lottery by the sponsoring brands ☆

That famous?Tequila girl will also appear ~ w



Date and time Saturday, September 9th, 5: 19-30: 22
Place the Sad cafe @ Harajuku
Price 2500 yen 2000d Advance sale XNUMX yen XNUMXd (advance reservation by email)
* For those who purchased a DVD at the entrance on the day, 1000 yen XNUMXd

How to apply: Please contact us by email.

Participating riders
Tetsuko Kawai Saori Okada Kozumo Yoshizawa Narumi Sakuma
Fumika Hoshino Michiko Ieda Amii Ozaki Ami Kato
Misaki Nagoshi Seiko Dairaku Yuka Kasukawa


And next week to Hiroshima! !!

A candy preview will be held in Fukuyama for the first time in two years ☆
Gorgeous riders also gather!
And this time the place is the sea (Sea Park Ohama),
The video of Fukuyama's wake shop Noah's Ark will also be screened at the same time ☆

Collaboration of mountains and the sea!



The venue is called Seaside Park Ohama in Utsumicho, Fukuyama City.
While eating delicious BBQ on the beach with an atmosphere like a tropical resort
Luxurious style of drinking alcohol ♪

[Ticket price] BBQ included
Advance sale ¥ 3000
Same day ¥ 3500

Noah's Ark

Details of the event, supporting manufacturers, shops, will be updated from time to time.
Advance tickets are available at Noah's Ark, STUSH.
Advance sales have started ☆

Okada is participating on both days.

It's my first time to participate in the candy preview in Tokyo and Fukuyama, so I'm really looking forward to it ☆
Enjoy BBQ at the sea ☆

Let's get excited by watching the snowboarding footage on a hot summer night!
* There is also an event page on facebook
Tokyo preview
Fukuyama preview

By all means ♪