"Burton US Open" 2021 tournament will be canceled due to pandemic influence.Towards the day when we will return again as the world's premier tournament, marking the history of snowboarding

A new type of coronavirus that causes a pandemic that threatens humankind, afflicts many people, and kills them.While the unpredictable crisis continues not only in Japan but all over the world, the next day, the next peak tournament "Burton US Open", which has the longest history in the world and is always attracting attention from snowboarders all over the world. It was decided to cancel the season.
Burton US Open held its first tournament in 1982 in Suicide Six, Vermont. The venue was moved to Stratton, Vermont in 1 and to Vail, Colorado in 1985, and it is undoubtedly an indispensable tournament in this world that has always created a new movement in the snowboarding world with 2013 years of history. is.
At the 2015 tournament, Yuki Kadono won the first Japanese championship in the men's slopestyle category.In addition, Ayumu Hirano won the men's halfpipe category in 2018.In the previous tournament, Yuki Kadono won the men's slopestyle category for the second time, and Yuto Totsuka won the men's halfpipe.It is also a place where Japanese snowboarders have won the title in the highest level of battle with the world's strongest, and have continued to inspire and inspire Japanese snowboarders with their success.

Burton has been the holder of the event since 1982 and has been running it for 38 years, but there is no doubt that the power this tournament has given to the snowboard industry has been enormous.

Burton CEO John Lacy said:
"It was a very difficult decision to cancel the BURTON US OPEN months ahead. We can't predict the pandemic situation about nine months from now. Consider different options for holding. However, the decision will be made in consideration of public health risks and the financial risks of investing tens of millions of yen in events whose implementation is uncertain. "
John added, "I think a lot of people are disappointed with the cancellation of the event. Only with all the riders, spectators, brands, partners and event crews who make this event possible, BURTON US OPEN is 38. It's been an event that has been loved by the snowboarding community for over a year now. It's not just an event, it's more than anything else a reunion for the snowboarding family, and the impact of the cancellation is widespread throughout the snowboarding community. However, it is of utmost importance to us to protect the long-term health of this community, that is, if we need to forgo next year's event to delay the spread of the new corona virus. Will accept it and overcome the challenges, "he said, also about its impact on the entire snowboarding community.

Burton US OPEN is popular as an event that adults and children can enjoy.Not only can you watch the world's top-level contests for free, but free concerts by notable artists and DJs will be held, and the tournament will be disseminated all over the world.
Of course, the decision to cancel this tournament is really unfortunate.However, the Burton US Open is an important tournament for snowboarders not only in the United States and Japan, but around the world.That is why we should fully understand that it has something to do with the inevitability of the world overcoming this pandemic.

Burton owner and chairman Donna Carpenter commented, "Of course, the BURTON US OPEN is back. It's the best event in the world!"

Even in Japan, efforts such as refraining from people will surely move toward overcoming the situation.We hope that the pandemic of the new coronavirus will be converged by our hands, and next season we will enjoy snowboarding again, and the day when the impression of Burton US Open will return again.

2020 Games_HP MEN Awards Ceremony.There is no doubt that it is a dream stage for young Japanese players.Yuto Totsuka, who won the championship in the previous tournament HP, also talked about the amount of joy he got from winning this tournament in an interview after returning to Japan.

photo: Burton