BURTON RAIL DAYS presented by MINI LIVE Webcast


On Saturday, November 2015, 11, BURTON RAIL DAYS presented by MINI, the world's largest snowboard rail contest, will bring together top snowboarders from around the world at Roppongi Hills Arena (14-6-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo). It will be held soon.This year's fifth contest, which mobilized 1 people last year, is expected to attract a large number of spectators this year as well.On the day of the event, the LIVE webcast will showcase the performance of snowboarders in front of thousands of snowboard fans, set in the largest special course ever.The enthusiasm of Roppongi Hills on street snowboards will be delivered to the whole world.

In addition, 18 riders who will participate in the contest have been finalized.Please look forward to the world's top level riding.

In addition to familiar riders such as Zack Aller (Canada), who won the contest last year, and Zack Hale (USA), who won the championship two years ago, Ethan Dace (USA) and Darcy Sharp (Canada) , Mark Swoboda (Austria), Yuma Abe (Japan), Tatsumasa Takahashi (Japan) will participate.
Burton team rider Zack Hale said: "BURTON RAIL DAYS in Tokyo is one of the events I'm looking forward to every year. This year's course seems to be particularly fun. I think I can combine many techniques and show off various performances."

Furthermore, this year as well, the performance at BURTON RAIL DAYS presented by MINI will be distributed worldwide via LIVE webcast.As a result, even those who cannot see the performance directly in the field can enjoy it.This year, you can choose the language from Japanese and English.Please look forward to the splendid performance that unfolds in front of you.

Saturday, November 2015, 11 14: 18-
<Participating rider>
Yuma Abe Japan 1993/1/13 22 years old
Ryusei Takahashi Japan 1993/9/3 22 years old
Zak Hale USA 1988/11/6 27 years old
Zach Aller Canada 1989/12/12 25 years old
Alex Andrews USA 1988/3/11 27 years old
Benny Milam USA 1998/9/16 17 years old
Kas Lemmens Netherlands 1994/4/5 21 years old
Tristin Heiner USA 1997/5/29 18 years old
Luke Staveley Austria 1999/3/11 16 years old
Johnny O'Connor Ireland 1992/4/11 23 years old
Jesse Augustinus Netherlands 1995/9/25 20 years old
Yuki Kadono Japan 1996/5/18 19 years old
Kyle Kennedy USA 1994/3/17 21 years old
Ethan Deiss USA 1987/10/5 28 years old
Mark Swoboda Austria 1981/8/24 34 years old
Darcy Sharpe Canada 1996/2/9 19 years old
Sebastian Toutant Canada 1992/11/9 23 years old
Jaeger Bailey USA 1993/8/30 22 years old
The webcast schedule may be delayed due to the weather.Please check the official website, Facebook or Twitter for the latest schedule changes.
Don't miss the official hashtag #BurtonRailDays for BURTON RAIL DAYS and the videos on www.burtonraildays.com.

[BURTON RAIL DAYS presented by MINI Overview]
□ Schedule Saturday, November 2015, 11
□ Location Roppongi Hills Arena (6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
□ Free to watch games
□ Total prize pool $ 27,000 (1st place $ 15,000 2nd place $ 6,000 3rd place $ 3,000
Special prize BEST AIR TRICK $ 1,000
□ Schedule
11:00 Kids corner, sponsor booth open
17:00 Rail contest start
19:30 Event close
* Schedule is subject to change.

□ Website