BURTON RAIL DAYS presented by MINI will be held at Roppongi Hills Arena on Saturday, November 2015, 11

This is the 5th year!The largest special snowboard course ever appeared in Roppongi in autumn
World's Largest Snowboard Rail Contest BURTON RAIL DAYS presented by MINI Saturday, November 2015, 11 to be held at Roppongi Hills Arena


Burton will hold the world's largest snowboard rail contest "BURTON RAIL DAYS presented by MINI" on Saturday, November 27,000, 2015 in Roppongi, where top snowboarders from all over the world will come together to take on the challenge of fighting for a total of $ 11. It will be held at Hills Arena (14-6-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo).

■ This year's fifth snowboarding contest, Japan's largest "Autumn tradition in Roppongi"
BURTON RAIL DAYS presented by MINI was held at Roppongi Hills for the first time in November 2011 as the world's largest contest featuring street snowboarding, and this is the fifth time this year.The world's top level snowboarders will gather on a huge special course with a height of 11m, a length of 5m, and a depth of 120m using about 8.5 tons of snow to show off their style.Thousands of spectators gather every year at this event, which takes place in the middle of the city.Along with the illuminations of Keyakizaka, it has become firmly established as a Roppongi specialty event that makes you feel the arrival of winter, and the culture has penetrated to a level where many spectators can enjoy the world-class snowboarding style purely and cheer. ..
BURTON RAIL DAYS presented by MINI will feature many professional snowboarders that cannot be seen in competitions like the Olympics.They put boards on the railings and stairs in the snowy streets and work while expressing their style with images and photographs.Valuable riding materials left behind, with the risk that a severe fall can quickly lead to serious injuries, are distributed around the world, exciting hot fans and making street snowboards a familiar presence. BURTON RAIL DAYS presented by MINI is a valuable event in the world where you can see the riding of snowboarders like them in front of you.Last year, Yuma Abe was on the podium in 3rd place as a Japanese, and Retsuo Takahashi was selected as the best wall trick.

■ Creative special course set that incorporates more street-likeness
This year's course, which is the largest ever, is a setup that incorporates the elements of the environment in the city that you see in everyday life.Street snowboarders see buildings, railings, or stairs as an opportunity to express their skills and creativity.With this idea in mind, the design process will bring the world's most realistic and creative street snowboard setup to the day.This special course not only brings out the individuality and creativity of each rider, but also allows the spectators to approach as close as the action is taking place.Many spectators will experience the power of street snowboarding in front of them this year as well.
In addition to the contest, we will hold a kids-only snowboard park (BURTON KIDS'RIGLET PARK), which is crowded with many parents and children every year.In the middle of Roppongi, you can experience snowboarding while feeling the early snow.Not only watching the world's top riders riding, but also participating in activities that adults and children can enjoy, everything is free of charge.

Official websiteas well as the Burton Japan Official Facebook PageThe latest information will be updated from time to time for the contest in November.

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□ Schedule Saturday, November 2015, 11
□ Location Roppongi Hills Arena (6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
□ Free to watch games
□ Total prize money $ 27,000 (1st place $ 15,000 2nd place $ 6,000 3rd place $ 3,000 Special prize $ 3,000)
□ Schedule 11:00 Kids corner, sponsor booth open
17:00 Rail contest start
19:30 Event close
* Schedule is subject to change.
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