A campaign is underway at Burton's online store to commemorate Ayumu Hirano's first victory at the Burton US Open and Raibu Katayama's first podium.

Burton US OpenTo commemorate Ayumu Hirano's first victory and Raibu Katayama's first podium at3Month23Day(Fri)~4Month5Day(Thu)During the period of, the Burton online store will be available for eligible products1By lottery from those who purchased XNUMX yen or more7To the person,2Autographed by a personBurton US OpenofficialTWe are giving away shirts.
Only available locallyTA valuable item with a one-two-finished Ayumu and Raimu autographs on the shirt.BurtonGet goodies and even rare items!

USOPEN_TEE_01Ayumu Hirano & Raibu Katayama autographedTShirt gift campaign
■ Period 3Month23Day(Fri)~4Month5Day(Thu)
■ Target During the periodSpring / Summer 2018Products1Those who purchase over XNUMX yen (tax included)
* The announcement of the winners will be changed when the prize is shipped.
TYou cannot choose the size and color of the shirt.

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