BREW GARDEN event report

BREW GARDEN 2017, an event sponsored by BREW clothes held at Myoko Suginohara Ski Resort on March XNUMXth!

The day was sunny and local, and there were a lot of participants such as friends who came for BREW GARDEN on that day, and the excitement was good.

All the participants squeezed the special items of the day and it feels pretty good!

Above all, there are multiple contests that are really exciting!It was an event where everyone could get excited by laughing and seeing the participants.
The after party held at Sakesho Kyotei is always laughing with a BREW-like production.

There was laughter, there was excitement, and it was the best ↑ full of drunks.

Check out the highlight video of BREW GARDEN that was so exciting!

Yusuke Yajima, a rider who is in Myoko, will deliver the latest information on the Myoko area.Yusuke Yajima Profile: Born in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.It's been 5 seasons since I started to stay in Myoko, Niigata prefecture, and I usually slide around the parks of Myoko Suginohara Ski Resort and Ikenotaira Ski Resort, and if it snows, I move around in search of a ski resort in good condition.A snow idiot who slides in SNOVA Shin-Yokohama during the off-season and snowboards all year round.At SNOW BANK PAY IT FORWARD 1 held at Yoyogi Park, he participated with a broken bone and a sling, leaving a strong impact.This season as well, we are sending videos based on Myoko.