"Up until now, my feet were a normal string type."
Uemura says.
"It's a Burton racing system that tightens just by pulling. To be precise, I still use speed racing boots for splitboarding."
"Basically, I'm using Step On now, and all the boots at that time are Boa type."

BURTON's Boa uses a resin wire jointly developed with New England Rope. The wire named TX3 is supple and gives a natural fit throughout the boot.

BURTON has adopted the "Boa Fit System (hereafter Boa)" from the 2017-2018 season.
"I tried wearing Boa boots in the test in the first year. It was the first time for Boa. I didn't expect it, but I was surprised that it was so good. rice field"
"You can tell when you put your foot in your favorite boots, even before you slip. From the moment you put them on, you can feel this nice and intuitive. Boa felt it. Boa's boots had a relatively hard image, but the boots I wore at that time were really soft. So, the overall fit was good. I thought, so when I moved to Step On, which uses Boa, I didn't feel any resistance. "

"Step On is also Boa, so I think it was so easy to use," Uemura said.If he tightened the outer with straps, he said that Step On without straps might not have been possible.

Of course, what was attractive was the operability of Boa.
"Just turn the dial and it will be tightened easily with a light force. That operability is the best, isn't it?"
The first thing I felt was that it was fast and easy to tighten.However, as he got used to slipping, he became more attracted to different parts.
"Isn't it possible to bring out the original fit of the boots by tightening them evenly with a light force? It's nice to be able to adjust the tightening to your liking. In a word, you can bring out the performance of the boots properly. I think it's a system. "

Maximize boot performance by creating a secure fit.Moreover, it can be finely adjusted to the desired tightening condition.Once tightened, it will not loosen and can withstand harsh conditions. Choosing Boa also improves rider performance

In addition, it is said that it is helped by the certainty that it will not loosen even if it is worn for a day, and the goodness of footwork that can be adjusted at any time.
"In the backcountry, it's easier to walk with soft ankles, so I wanted to loosen the straps at the beginning of walking. After all, if you tighten it tightly, your feet will get cold quickly. But it's troublesome, you loosen and slip. Tighten it before.
But with Boa it's easy.If it is a normal string, it will be troublesome to retighten it, and if you tighten it properly, it will be okay.But since Boa fits perfectly, I think the slip will change. "
In a sense, choosing Boa can reduce the chances of worsening performance.

Even boots without ankle straps can step on the toe edge firmly. "Boots are soft, but there is no problem because they can be tightened firmly with Boa." This characteristic of being soft but firmly supporting is the characteristic of Boa that Uemura likes most.

"Especially I'm currently using a model that doesn't have a Step On ankle strap. The ankles move freely because there is no strap, and the double Boa allows the upper and lower parts to be tightened, so the fit is good. Meaning I'm glad that the ideal boots are made. "
A core rider with more than 20 years of professional experience will be noticed.It contains the artist's enthusiasm to further improve his performance.

Nosei Uemura ★ Yoshinari Uemura
He won the All Japan Halfpipe in 1993 and was promoted to a professional. He has been active as a BURTON rider for over 20 years and has been involved in the development of various products such as signature boards.In 2013, he launched his own snowboard brand "UMLAUT" with the aim of creating an ideal snowboard that enables aggressive riding while maintaining a relaxed riding style that does not require extra force.

Items used by Nosei Uemura
BURTON Swath Step On ® / Price: ¥ 49,000 / Size: 25-30cm
The dual zone of the Boa fit system, which first appeared this season and is highly evaluated by riders and shop staff, is adopted. Boots that do not require ankle straps by adjusting all fits with two Boa.The outer has a two-piece structureOn the linerEquipped with Imprint ™ 3 liner to create a great fit,Moderate flex and sufficient response can be obtained.

BURTON Step On ® Bindings / Price: ¥ 42,000 / Size: S, M, L
Step On binding that creates high convenience and excellent fit.Supports accurate board control while achieving perfect locking with connection points on both sides of the heel and toe.Furthermore, it can be attached and detached smoothly with a simple operation of the release lever. Compatible with all major mounting systems such as 4x4, 3D® and The Channel®.

BURTON Step On ®️ special pagehere

Boa®️ Fit System HPhere

Boa using a resin wire called TX3, which was jointly developed with New England Rope, is used in the dual zone in the new "SWATH". You can quickly adjust to your ideal fit by operating the two Boa dials.

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