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Name : Sato "MAJOR" Hirohisa

Birthday : April 1972, 4

The charisma that launched 011 artistic and sparked the "ground trick" boom.It continues to evolve innovatively every year, and the items announced are the focus of attention even if you are not a 011 user.The trust of fellow riders and core fans is strong, and with the high riding skills cultivated in Hokkaido as a weapon, it will have a great influence on the scene this term as well.PLAYING MANNAGER who is still involved in the development of XNUMX and sticks to the active role and continues to slide on the spot.

Sponsors : 011artisitic / inhabitant / Spatcho Morispo / powcant system (owner) / flow (binding & boots) / smith optics / Matsumoto wax / NEW ERA / LEVEL GLOVE / ACTIVE SPIRIT (owner)


011artistic official FB Thank you.Season...
There is a lot of snow this season! !!The winter of the XNUMXth year has finally started. After all, how many years have passed ...
Nice to meet you.This is my first blog.From now on, it will be irregular, but it will be uploaded little by little ...

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