Tadashi Fuse, a professional snowboarder who continues to run at the top of the scene.For 10 years, BILLABONG has been releasing signature wear that incorporates his lifestyle into products.This season, BILLABONG will be wearing a collection called ADNENTURE DIVISION, which uses a high-performance material called SympaTex, which BILLABONG is proud to send out to the world.Looking back on the path that Fuse has taken with BILLABONG, we asked Fuse himself and Mr. Dezzy, a wear designer, about this season's clothing and future stories.
Photo: Taro Koeji

10 years of continuous evolution with Tadashi Fuse

First of all, we talked to Dezzy, the designer in charge of clothing, about Fuse's signature wear released by BILLABONG.
"Since 2010, I have been involved in BILLABONG, and I have been involved in design since the first year of releasing Tadashi-kun's signature wear. So far, I have been involved in designing coach jackets, workwear, high-end wear planned by Japan, and old school. I think that I have set different themes for each season, such as vintage clothing, pursued them without compromise, and expressed good products. I have created really various designs, but the concept is always lifelike. It was to cut out the lifestyle of Mr. Tadashi and put it in his clothes. "

In November 2009, BILLABONG will sign a global contract with Tadashi Fuse.That year, he released the first signature model as a supervised model.Just before that, JAPAN LIMITED was added, and the TADASAHI model will become the basis for the development of domestic projects. Since 11, we have been working on the design development of more sophisticated wear and divided into two models.One is a function for sliding in the mountains, a design specializing in materials, and the other is a design that drops the casualness of his favorite workwear.It is an expression of his lifestyle, and although he slides in the mountains, he wears the same style as usual and is highly functional.It has continued to evolve for several years and will be released in USA, CANADA as GLOBAL MODEL in 2011.In the same year, with the addition of LIFE STYEL PROJECT's filmer Taro Koshiji, along with the theme of "A DAY IN THE LIFE", the slipper, the photographer and the creator became one, and the story for the wear was deeply incorporated. To go.
In 2016, as the 20th anniversary of the rider, he released a model to celebrate his achievements.Combine the design and functionality of the past and consolidate the models into one.From around this year, Tadashi will move his base from Canada to Japan and develop undeveloped land that no one has stepped into.As a shooting project, "EXPLORE" is being worked on with LIFE STYEL PROJECT, and the riding in the mountains of Japan that has never been seen before is engraved with the wear.And 1 is the theme of "THROWBACK '2018". BILLABONG first released snowwear in 92.The first rider was Noah Sarasneck.He is a BILLABONG and SIMS rider, and Tadashi's sponsors are now the same as he is.Taking the clothing design of the time as an inspiration, by combining it with his old school style, he releases clothing with a slow-back theme.
And Tadashi Fuse's signature wear reached the culmination of 2019TH ANNIVERSARY in 10.

Fuse has walked with BILLABONG at various milestones such as the 20th anniversary of professional activities and the 10th signature wear.He is still so energetic that he can't fit in the frame of a veteran, and he always faces snowboarding seriously, with his eyes shining like an adventure boy.This season, he decided to wear the ADNENTURE DIVISION line of clothing, which uses a high-performance material called SympaTex, instead of his signature clothing.It is nothing but that he himself opened a new stage with BILLABONG and took a new step.

After the culmination of the 10th anniversary, in 2020 we will open a door to a new stage with BILLABONG.


We talked to Dezzy again to learn more about ADVENTURE DIVISION clothing.
"Originally, at BILLABONG, we have been doing SympaTex adoption wear for quite some time. However, it is from this season that we will fully develop it in Japan.
In the first place, SympaTex is a non-porous polyester material with a thickness of 10 microns developed by AkzoNobel of Germany.A specially processed polyester-based material that has the property of conducting water vapor allows moisture to escape to the outside.Moreover, since it is non-perforated, it does not clog and does not allow air or bacteria to pass through.And it should be noted that it is quite windproof to protect the rider's body in a harsh environment.The water pressure resistance is as high as 45,000 mm.In addition, because it is a 100% recycled membrane, it also considers environmentally sustainable efforts.Also, since SympaTex is a stretch material, BILLABONG uses a stretchy fabric for the outer and lining, so it's quite easy to move. "

Here is a supplement about SympaTex.The material used for many membranes is called the porous type, which is a material made by laminating a very thin film with innumerable minute holes on the fabric.It has excellent moisture permeability and is comfortable even if you sweat, but if a small hole causes clogging, its function will be impaired.On the other hand, SympaTex is a non-porous type as mentioned above.It is a mysterious material that allows stuffiness to escape even though there is no hole for water vapor to escape.Since water vapor has no pores that move at the molecular level, it does not allow water droplets to pass through and there is no risk of clogging.Despite its high performance, it is a material with a high cost performance compared to other typical membranes.

"ADVENTURE DIVISION, which develops high-performance products that exist for adventure lovers, is a collection that has already been worn by global teams such as Board Merrill and Vole Nibert at Snow. Of course, Tadashi-kun in Japan. I am wearing it.

Fuse's activity field is not limited to the mountainous areas of Japan, but also the vast backcountry fields of Canada.It truly embodies a worldwide adventure

This high-end model of ADVENTURE DIVISION has Primaloft partially in the back and has high heat retention.However, Tadashi often keeps moving in the backcountry, so I usually use the model (DELTA STX JKT) that doesn't have that much insulation.It seems that the model with Primaloft (PRISM STX JKT) is often worn when skiing mainly on the slopes. "

Fuse who develops new slopes in Japan and abroad while adventuring.Use SympaTex-based clothing according to the slippery environment.

With ADVENTURE DIVISIONWear using SympaTex

Color: ERM, DTA

Price: ¥ 42,000 (excluding tax)
Size: S, M, L
Color: ERM, DTA
Outer fabric: 2L Sympatex® plain stretch
Water pressure resistance: 45,000mm
Insulation: PRIMALOFT® Engineer Panel

Color: AUB, BLK, ERM

Price: ¥ 38,000 (excluding tax)
Size: S, M, L
Color: AUB, BLK, ERM
Outer fabric: 2L Sympatex® plain stretch
Water pressure resistance: 45,000mm
Insulation: 60g Body / 60g Sleeves / 40g Hood

Color: BLK, DTA, ERM

Price: ¥ 34,000 (excluding tax)
Size: S, M, L
Color: BLK, DTA, ERM
Outer fabric: 2L Sympatex® plain stretch
Water pressure resistance: 45,000mm
Insulation: Shell

SympaTex × Tadashi Fuse

Tadashi Fuse gives feedback on that feeling

"I'm not familiar with the materials, but I was wearing the SympaTex wear and it was in very good shape. It's lighter than the signature wear I've used so far, and it's stretchy and doesn't feel stiff. Until then, I used canvas fabrics in signature wear to emphasize my style and appearance. Also, even if I saw wearing high-performance wear before, I asked if I could slip well even if I wore it. I thought it was different. That's why I worked on antithesis-like clothing for such things. The concept was not to deviate from my lifestyle. However, recently it has changed within me. Perhaps there was something, and now I'm starting to think that it's better if I wear good things and the performance goes up further.

A good product is indispensable to express such performance and style.

I actually wore a sympaTex-based clothing and went deep into the mountains with a snowmobile and experienced shooting in a harsh environment, but obviously my body felt lighter than ever, and that was the lightness of movement. As a result, it is a fact that it led to good riding.It's not cold because it doesn't get wet and the wind shuts out, and I was really in good shape when I was skiing on the slopes of Hokkaido.

Fuse heading to the inner part of the mountain with a snowmobile.It has sufficient functionality even in such an environment.
I was able to spend the hard movements of the shooting site comfortably

Layering is always first layer, second layer, shell.This is enough because it keeps moving when it is slipping.However, when I'm waiting for shooting, I sometimes wear inner down.I also realized the high moisture permeability.Even if you sweat, it dries quickly.I felt it especially when I was hiking.
With that in mind, I think that this SympaTex wear will not be over-engineered no matter what level of people wear it, and will keep you in a comfortable state for a long time.If you are a beginner, if you moss, you will move and sweat when you try to stand up.Beginners get sweatier than people who can slip a little.I think it's perfect for such people.I want to go aggressive in intense places, and sometimes I move around for that ... No, maybe I'm the type who wants to sweat while slipping (laughs).That's why I really like this piece of clothing. "

▼ ADVENTURE DIVISION line worn by Tadashi Fuse


The past 10 years and the future

"The first signature wear was like a crazy windbreaker. I can't believe it was 10 years ago. It feels like it was before (laughs). I have a lot of memories, but it was really nice to always be able to incorporate my lifestyle into the product. Until a while ago, when I said BILLABONG, I had a strong image of surfing, but I entered. It felt like the flow or the wind had changed. I was very happy about it. While snowboarding with all the BILLABONG staff, I shared the fun and surfed together ... really I have only good memories. Designer Dezzy has a long history of working on clothing, and he has always faced my signature clothing. I was able to share the same direction with those friends in the same play. I wonder if that is connected to what I've been doing so far. It's not just the end of making it. I think that's also the reason why the people at the snowboard shop felt and supported me. is.

Wear design meeting by Fuse and Dezzy
A photo of an event held in Nozawa to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Fuse's professional activities.Designer Dezzy (right), who was involved in the development of clothing, also enjoyed the day as if he were his own. Photo: BILLABONG
We shared the fun while snowboarding with the BILLABONG staff.There is now because of this communication. Photo: BILLABONG

This season, I'm planning to take on challenges that I have never done before.I'm planning to teach various snowboarders directly in lessons, or to go on a mountain tour together.For more informationInstagramPlease check at.Also, LSP!Lifestyle project in short.I also want to make movements so that the people involved in it can really convey what kind of lifestyle they are living.However, I want to not only show a good slide and a good place, but also stick to my style without breaking my core.I will continue to do whatever I want.I'm the type who doesn't feel like doing it otherwise. "

I will continue to lead new scenes with BILLABONG wear while sticking to my style.

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