[Video available] Hakuba Backcountry is here

The other day, I climbed a mountain and took a picture with my friend KXNUMXSNOWBOARDS Yuu Takeo (representative of the backcountry guide club "Bantei").

When you arrive at Bantei, you can see Ayana-chan, a one-point guide for Bantei Beni.

There were customers on this day as well!

Let's meet in the mountains w If you say goodbye ...?

I really met you on the mountain

(^^) (^^) (^^) (^^) (^^)


At Kemper, there are XNUMX models and XNUMX designs for split boards!

With this shoot, the heat I want to use the split board has risen.

The weather was nice C ~!

I was taking a break C ~

The scenery of Hakuba is magnificent

Both of us were able to ride in a good mood

This story continues because the heat I wanted to ride on the split was too high.


I'll be back soon ~ I'm going to you w


Thank you very much!