(Video available) Hakuba's charisma guide and split debut


I'm back again!Hakuba Guide Club "Bamboo tail"! !! !!

This is Hakuba for the first time in 10 days.

I've been relying on this person because I got the Kemper split board this time!

Yu-kun always thank you w


The "KXNUMX FAROUT" I borrowed to attach to the Kemper "APEX" this time was an insanely light and well-tuned split binding!

The road closed in winter was opened the day before shooting, and you can now drive to the parking lot of Sarukura!


As expected, Yu-kun, one of the veteran guides representing Hakuba!It tells a lot of informative stories! !! !!

How to put a sticker

Board preparation

Heikola Heikolabahin Bahin

I also learned the "kick turn", the road to the split master that everyone goes through!

Of course, I also needed to practice in ski mode ... This was the scariest thing.


I'm sorry for route finding while listening to the opinions of veteran guides!Thank you very much for your support Yu-kun!


This is our transform! !! !! w



Originally a professional rider who handles both freestyle and racing

Yu-kun, the gliding level is also a transcendental expert level!



To Camera & Yu-Camera

Enjoy the mountain view from two perspectives!


C ~!


The way home together!Forecast that the weather will collapse!hurry up~!Even at such times

Tano C ~!



I made my split debut after sleeping for an hour, but it was fun and drowsy.


is that so!Let's go again!


Thank you very much~! ! !