BANKYARD MAIKO → VOLCOM time race will be held! !!

Following BANKYARD NAKAZATO, "BANKYARD MAIKO" will open in Maiko Snow Resort! !!

Along with that, a time race event will be held this Saturday, February 2rd, in tie-up with VOLCOM.

VOLCOM event advertising

It will be held using the BANKYARD MAIKO course.

Winners will be awarded a wonderful prize from VOLCOM ◎

In production, the last table top transforms into a front quarter.

You can enter from the URL below or from the attached QR code.

Click here for details and entry
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You can also enter with a QR code.

A copy of Yohei BANKYARD

Copy of IMG_0156Copy of IMG_0210

Well then.

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Profile: Niigata Prefecture is a talented group SNOWCASE DESIGN that manages the production of snow parks and organizes events mainly in Echigo Yuzawa and Minami Uonuma.We will deliver information on snow parks and events from the Yuzawa / Uonuma area, which is the front line of the park scene.In addition, through the movie production that they are doing in-house, they also convey their unique video transmission and the charm and fun of this area.