(with video) Finally!Artz & Nekoma! ?And this year there is a park where you can play~! ?

finally!Information has been lifted! !

finally!Yes finally!I thought that rumor was just an urban legend, but this shooting turned out to be quite rich in content!

I went again this time "Hoshino Resorts Alts Bandai"

With the self-proclaimed entertainment world No. 1 snowboarder comedian "Iwa-chan"!


This time, the first thing we're going to do is "Flushable Park"!

Iwa-chan, who has washed away, is doing something strange again.I want to be with you! w

Misaki Nagoshi skated seriously and coolly instead of Iwa-chan who was joking around! w

Thank you Misaki!

By the way, how was the "flowable park"?Iwa-chan?

It was a pretty serious review.

a!Also, what is going on with the "Global Park" where Olympic athletes come to practice this year? ? ?

That's it!by the way!

I heard rumors that Artz and Nekoma will be lifted? ? ?

Ask someone who knows about it! kwsk Let's listen! w

Brother, please tell me kwsk about that area! w

And even more this time

It was decided that he would guide me to a secret recommended spot regarding this matter!

suspicious?yeah?suspicious? ?

Where are you going! ?

Disagreeable!It wasn't suspicious!I believed you, brother!

If it snows, it's definitely a barn!

What a refreshing C~!

This time, it was a trip full of content!

Thank you ...