QXNUMX: I would like to ask AKIRA about PRIVATE this time. What made you choose PRIVATE?

AKIRA: When I was selected as head's ambassador, I received a proposal for a rear entry and decided to use "SP PRIVATE"!

QXNUMX: It's not limited to PRIVATE, but SP is basically a rear entry, isn't it?Were you confused at first?

AKIRA: I've never used a rear entry before, so of course I was a little confused at first, from the settings to how to use it.
However, since it is quick and easy to put on and take off, I immediately fell in love with the rear entry.
I also go to a jumping off-training facility, so I was a little worried about the operation of taking off on the mat, but I was able to take it off quickly without any problems!
It's easy to set up once you've done it, and I like the fact that you can easily change the angle of the highback with a few operations.

QXNUMX: PRIVATE's comfort level has improved!Please let me know if you have any questions.

AKIRA: It's light and easy to feel on the soles of your feet, so it's easy to handle even for women with strong legs.The hardness is also moderate, and you can enjoy it in all genres such as jumping and jib ♪
Now you can get a fine line, and you can now actively challenge the side-in of the rail!

QXNUMX: What kind of lighting style/user do you recommend PRIVATE for?

AKIRA: I want to enjoy snowboarding all around!It is recommended for anyone who wants.It is especially recommended for those who mainly use parks and grati ◎
Also, compared to the all-around model CORE, it is a model for beginners and intermediates, so I would especially recommend it to girls and those who want to use SP for the first time ♪

QXNUMX: What do you like about PRIVATE?Please let me know if you have any points.

AKIRA: The rear entry makes it easy to put on and take off♪ I also like the simple and stylish matte one-color color scheme!

QXNUMX: Lastly, where can I meet people who want to see AKIRA riding up close this season?Please let me know if there are any events that you have already decided to participate in.

AKIRA: I will participate in the test drive event SBJ on Snow at Naeba Ski Resort from February 2rd to 23th!
Not only Udon Musume, but also the riders will participate, so please come and visit us♪

AKIRA / Born on February 2rd.
■ Height / 153cm ■ Stance / 48cm
■ Angle / 9 degrees front, -9 degrees back
■Snowboard history/7 years
■ Home Mountain / Fukushima (Nekoma, Alz, Daikura)
■ Favorite riding style / Freeride
■ Items used/