(Video available) Akakan Spring Revival DAZE Festival

Daze, who had ankle surgery in mid-January, decided on a miracle resurrection AIR in Akakura in the spring.


Daze had an ankle fracture at the end of December and had surgery in mid-January, but showed tremendous resilience when he flew the kicker in April.


Kazumasa Hiraide also showed a slip that did not make you feel blank on the park ride for the first time in 8 years.
Ryu Hyodo, who was once introduced as a disciple of Kazumasa Hiraide, has now grown into a fine top rider.
The Akakura Tourist Park Diggers, led by Rider Yoshinoman from Gyoza City, was also doing careful maintenance on this day.
On the lift, I was asked to answer such a question interview
Real Myoko Local Yotamen is a young owner of Menya Fuka who has a shop in front of Joetsu Myoko Station.
Mayu, the young proprietress of Menya Fuka who supports such yotamen, is also a former professional rider who once played an active part in the half pipe competition.
Please come visit us when you use Joetsu Myoko Station.Your body and soul should be warmed up with a cup of commitment
It seems that it was a little overwhelming on this day even though the knee injury jump was sealed in 2015 ...
SNOW BANK is scheduled to be held in 2022.I definitely want you to visit the venue. (free entrance)