AK Dream

Hello, this is CAP.The 20/67 season ended with 2019 days of skiing, the lowest number of days in 2020 years, due to the effects of corona and injuries during the season.I don't know how long it will not be possible to move freely between countries, but mint tours, an Australian guided tour company where CAP works, is also making final adjustments to the schedule next year.

Ingemar Backman, a legend rider, plays the leading role in the video for mint tours Aizu PR completed the other day.During the season, I mostly skied in the "ski resort area & side country" as shown in the video, so I completely forgot the wonderfulness of the open barn every day.However, based on the gliding in a certain place, I remembered that feeling I had forgotten ...

It was Gassan.Actually, I went full hike from the parking lot in early April when the lift was stopped before the influence of the corona. (Scheduled to resume from June 4st) Actually, it was the first time for me to make a full hike from below, and my mother climbed nearly 6m to the summit of Mt.

Weekdays in Gassan without a lift ...That's why no one is there.Moreover, the fresh snow is 10 cm until the morning, which is a wonderful condition that is impossible for this time of year.The tension goes up without any hesitation.The moment my mother tried to slip from the summit of Mt.I noticed that ... "What? How do you slip in such a large place?" As mentioned above, this year (well, for the past few years ...) there are many work-related tree runs, and this year it is really tight due to the influence of light snow. There were many trees.That's why I completely forgot the feeling of a big turn.Moreover, the side cut of TJ DHINGI, which I used to love this year, is deep as it is, so if I notice it, I'm slipping a little ...This is important.

If I remember various things, I usually take a vertical line through narrow trees with tail control (slip during work), and of course big movements in the tree are quite severe, so it is natural, but it penetrates firmly into the body. The cause is that it comes out.It is quite difficult to change the slip suddenly, so if you have to rely on tools ... It will be such a judgment for CAP who turns 45 years old.

That said, I'm thinking of attending AK TOUR next spring, and I'd like to clear the problem with huge slopes. The AK tour (helicopter access) of mint tours can never go to the extreme place of Travis Rice from the guest level, so when it comes to sliding open on steep slopes, "long" and "side cuts" are usually "Shallow" "Preferably camber" Isn't it essential to procure a board with these three beats?When.It's fine.Rely on tools.I have a lot of time to work from home.Inflate your delusions with next year's AK DREAM.




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