AIRBLASTER wear that explodes the endless energy of kids

AIRBLASTER has a lineup of stylish items this season, and their popular items are already in demand.The lineup is full of things you'll want, such as high-performance wear with an outstanding design sense, and NINJA SUITS, which are highly acclaimed for being extremely warm.
In addition, there is a wide variety of items such as beanies, face masks, and goggles, and the color variations allow you to show off your individuality on the slopes.
Please take a look at the digital catalog currently available.
What we introduce here is clothing for kids. AIRBLASTER has a lineup of kids wear that rivals items for adults.

Pictured is YOUTH TRENCHER / wearing Tan Terry

Featuring a full-length front zipper that is easy to put on and take off, the newly reborn YOUTH TRENCHER retains the style and functionality of an AIRBLASTER snowboarding jacket, but the entire package is made for Kia. 15K waterproof, 60g insulation, and bright hood for excellent visibility.The GROW system comes standard and is highly functional, allowing you to adjust the size to a larger size by cutting the stitches on the inside of the cuffs and hem to accommodate growth.
Price: ¥31,900 (tax included) (XNUMX colors available)

Super cute for both boys and girls! YOURTH TRENCHER / OG Dinoflage

Elasticated cuffs and adjustable stretch waistband provide comfort, security, and ease of use for both kids and parents.Additionally, the lower leg cuffs prevent the pants from dragging in the parking lot, and the straps are easy and quick to attach.We support an environment where kids can enjoy snowboarding comfortably with maximum fun and minimum frustration. 15K+60g heat retention. GROW system standard equipment.
Price: ¥24,200 (tax included) (4 colors available)

These warm, easy-to-move pants will make you feel more excited. YOUTH BOSS PANT / Vintage Black

Other YOUTH FREEDOM SUITThe one-piece dress costs ¥39,600 (tax included) and is extremely cute, as well as being easy on parents' wallets. Be sure to check out our digital catalog for items such as NINJA SUITS, warm innerwear, beanies, and face masks!

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