2-layer multifunctional suit "KOOK SUIT" completed by combining the DNA of AIRBLASTER's popular items

Size: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Color: Spruce/Magenta, Black/Hot Coral, CHINCHILLA/SAND, CRIMSON TERRY
PRICE: ¥ 56,100

Based in Portland, Oregon, USA, AIRBLASTER continues to create functional snowboard wear, always creating cutting-edge styles with unique team riders.The secret to its unwavering popularity is not only the innovative and stylish clothing, but also the reliability of the fact that it is functionally optimal for snowboarding and continues to maintain high quality.It is also attractive that they have a wide variety of items that match a wide range of users, not only men's but also women's and children's. AIRBLASTER has been focusing on the development of functional one-piece suits that are very popular with powder-loving riders for a long time, but this season's hottest item is the KOOK SUIT.The TRENCH OVER is a pullover style jacket, the ELASRIC BOSS PANT is the most popular jogger-type silhouette with elastic on the hem that fits the bottoms, and it is highly praised for its ease of movement and warmth. It's an AIRBLASTER-like original item that mixes the DNA of items such as the standard FREEDOM SUIT.The outer fabric with a premium feel has a waterproof performance of 1 mm, and the 15,000-layer full seal ring processing blocks moisture from entering the interior, and the moisture permeability of 10,000 g/m24 /350 hours keeps the inside of the garment comfortable. keep.While possessing absolute strength in hard conditions such as storms, it is also warm and easy to move. It looks like a TRENCH OVER pullover style, but you can put it on and take it off quickly by lowering the front zipper.Ventilation is provided under the armpits and inside the legs, and it is easy to adjust the internal temperature.Equipped with a waistband zipper that can be opened 2 degrees around the waist.The center zipper can also be opened in two ways, so you can use it smoothly without having to worry about having to worry about one piece when using the toilet.The STAY WILD patch that symbolizes the brand image is on the chest, and the pattern of the lining is full of AIRBLASTER-likeness, and the detailed design is perfect. There are plenty of size variations from XXS to XXL, and the reasonable price is also worth paying attention to.

It is recommended to wear oversized clothes loosely like this
A waistband zipper that can be opened 350 degrees makes it easy to go to the bathroom
The hem of the jogger pants style is also a noteworthy point
Airblaster-likeness is fully opened on the lining
Woven label and silicone STAY WILD patch


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