Yuto Totsuka won the US OPEN this year, reached the pinnacle of the halfpipe world, and graced the final beauty of the 19-20 season.And now, with his great success, the high-performance board "REV" produced by the snowboard "YONEX" of MADE IN JAPAN is attracting attention at the world level.Furthermore, in late November, it has been decided that a special model of Yuto Totsuka will be released worldwide as "REV YTS" in limited production.So, this time, I looked back on the activities of Yuto Totsuka and explored the potential hidden in the high-performance board called "REV".

Yuto Totsuka's ability to reach the peak at the 2020 US OPEN

The rider who is most talked about in the halfpipe contest scene right now is Yuto Totsuka from Japan. The podium position has been solidified in many global big titles such as the FIS World Cup and X Games, and the US OPEN, which was virtually the last global tournament of the previous season, has won numerous tournaments so far. Beyond his nemesis Scotty James, he brilliantly reached the top of the world. At the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, his potential was already spectacular, but with further growth, he is now described as a world-class rider.
Totsuka is 169 cm tall, weighs 60 kg, and has a standard physique for a Japanese person, but his riding scale and skill are truly first-class.The oversized FS Double Cork 1440, which is the first hit, is a perfection that can be said to be the treasure sword of the legendary family.Even the person himself says that he is "confident" in terms of height, rotation speed, and style. At the US OPEN, he showed off a high-difficulty routine called "FS Double Cork 1440-Cab Double Cork 1260-Switch BS Double Cork 1080", which he challenged for the first time in the tournament.Totsuka continues to take on the challenge of higher-level acting.On the other hand, recently he has begun to focus on riding that is more conscious of "stylishness" such as the style of each technique and the smoothness of the routine, and has begun to increase the depth of attractiveness as the world's top professional rider.

US OPEN 2020 Photo courtesy of Daniel Honda
The US OPEN 2020 adopted a modified halfpipe, with a section in the first half where the style greatly influenced the scoring.It can be said that Totsuka's own global reputation was further enhanced by reaching the top in such a tournament.

What is the best of the world's best high-performance board "REV"?

The board that Totsuka has been using for a long time is YONEX's leading high-performance board "REV". This board, which can be said to be the culmination of YONEX's carbon technology, incorporates many of the latest technologies.It produces a large repulsive force, flies higher and leads to higher rotation.Therefore, REV uses a new material "NANOMETRIC DR" that has both excellent repulsive force and shock absorption.Introducing YONEX's unique advanced carbon technology that combines highly elastic carbon with carbon tubes built into both ends of the nose and tail.Even on the shape, the deflection is increased by 30% compared to the normal camber to increase the repulsive force, and the ULTIMATE CAMBER that jumps out into the air by pushing the tail strongly is adopted to generate the maximum repulsive force.In addition, Yonex's original new structure "STOMP-TECH 3.0", which enables the weight of the swing weight to be significantly reduced compared to the conventional board, has been introduced.Maintains anti-aircraft time after jumping high and keeps stability at high spins. It is rare in the world to have a board equipped with such thorough cutting-edge technology on a single simple board.
"It suits my riding style very well, and I think it's the best board to fight right now," Totsuka himself puts his absolute trust in.Furthermore, the appeal of REV is that it has such high resilience but has very good controllability at your feet.It can be said that REV's "high degree of perfection" is proved by the fact that the operability related to the recovery performance in riding also closely follows the overall high performance.

A unique new structure that realizes the lightest swing weight in YONEX history.The center of gravity is placed in the center, and a honeycomb structure is used for the nose and tail to reduce the weight of the entire board.The weight reduction of the swing weight produces high rotation spin and stable performance in the air.Behind the introduction of this structure is the increase in strength and repulsive force due to the adoption of YONEX's original ISO core.A well-balanced manufacturing technology realized by the introduction of many technologies, such as reinforcement using carbon technology, is indispensable.

Focus the weight balance of the board on the center between the stances of your feet to lighten and stabilize the spin motion in the air.The balance distribution further reduces the perceived weight than the real weight, and gives an advantage to the spin operation.The technology introduced to obtain this effect is "STOMP TECH 2.0", which is a further evolution of "STOMP-TECH 3.0" that realizes YONEX's unique weight reduction, strength, and impact resistance improvement.

A carbon material with tenacity and high repulsive force, and excellent shock absorption.The height of the jump is raised, and at the same time, the impact absorption at the time of landing is improved to improve the perfection of the trick.

Yuto Totsuka special model "REV YTS" appeared

And this time, the US Open winner Yuto Totsuka special model "REV YTS (Yuto Totsuka Special)" will be released worldwide in limited quantities from the end of November.Totsuka himself proposes a design.The deck side is printed with Totsuka's message "Stay Ready, Return Stronger Together" and an autograph, and the sole side is printed with the oversized YONEX logo that only Team Yonex can use. ing.Also, the good news is that "REV SHORTIE YTS" will be released for juniors.
"I am very honored to have created a special model. REV is filled with the feelings of the tournament I have fought so far and the joy of winning the US Open. The message printed on this special model has been so far. As Totsuka also said, "I put in the thoughts and hopes I have experienced," it is one that has great thoughts for both Totsuka and YONEX.
By all means, let's feel the power of YONEX's cutting-edge technology with REV and aim to improve your riding skills.


Price: ¥ 98,000 + tax
Size: 150/153/156/159
Structure: STOMP-TECH3.0 + highly elastic carbon composite square tube
Material: High-strength carbon + High-elasticity carbon + Nanometric DR, ISO core, Aramid honeycomb
Sliding surface material: ISO SPEED 7800 ・ Structure finish

REV SHORTIE YTS (for juniors)
Price: ¥ 56,000 + tax
Size: 120/126/132
Structure: Carbon sandwich
Material: High-strength carbon, ISO core
Sliding surface material: ISO SPEED 7800 ・ Structure finish

2019-20 season Yuto Totsuka battle record
2019 World Cup Copper Mountain Men's Halfpipe 2nd
2019 World Cup Secret Garden Men's Halfpipe 2nd
2020 World Cup Larks Men's Halfpipe 2nd
2020 X GAMES ASPEN Men's Super Pipe Silver Medal
2020 World Cup Mammoth Mountain Men's Halfpipe Championship
2020 Dew Tour Men's Modified Super Pipe Runner-up
2020 US OPEN Men's Halfpipe Winner
2019/2020 Season World Cup ︎ 2nd overall by event

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